Saturday, 28 November 2009

A lovely room

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I came upon this beauty via the excellent blog The Aesthete's Lament. It was once the country house of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, happily redecorated by someone called Patrick Deedes-Vincke. (A truly tremendous name.) The photograph is by Jan Verlinde.

It is my dream room, really. I know I shall never in my life achieve a room like this, partly because I live in the north of Scotland and partly because I am just too muddly. But I do like very much looking at this one.

beautiful room

Excessively dull technical note: this is exactly the kind of little visual note that I should like to post on my new Posterous page, but I discover that Posterous has several shocking drawbacks for a site that advertises itself as so simple that falling off a log looks labyrinthine by comparison.

For a starter, it takes your pictures and arranges them as it, not you, see fit. Then when you politely write and ask a question about this, it IGNORES you. It has no facility for resizing pictures, which I find vital. The genius Windows Live Writer does this beautifully, but of course Posterous is not compatible with it. (Oh are you falling asleep from dullness now? I am even boring myself. But this stuff is driving me nuts and I have to share with the group to save myself from running mad.)

There are several other plaintive objections I could make, but I shall save you from death by a thousand cuts, and just say that when I am getting all cross and baffled and confused, and I turn helplessly to the assistance section of Posterous, I find that all there is is a pathetic page of exceptionally limited frequently asked questions, none of which are frequently asked by me.

So, you Posterous people, I am almost at the point of giving up. And I so liked your promising idea. But the execution is frankly sending me up the wall. Should I stay or should I go? Can't decide yet. But the skies are dark with ominous clouds. Very lucky I have such a pretty picture of such a pretty room to look at.

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  1. Hi Tania. New to your blog & loved the "Friends of Dorothy" post today. Just to say I really love that room. But I have an incredible urge to mess up the books on the table.........!!! Just toooooo tidy for me! Jenny

  2. Miss B - WELCOME. Adore new readers, and so glad you liked friends of D. I so agree about the tidiness; I rather long for it, but cannot quite achieve it in life.


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