Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A small foray

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Inspired by India Knight's brilliant page, I have set up a Posterous account. Oddly, although Posterous is supposedly this glitteringly simple, falling off a log type of website, I find myself a little confused by it. I am not at all certain what it is for. It feels different from this kind of a blog, although I see that some people use it just as I use Blogger. But India has done a genius thing with her site, which is to turn it into a magpie treasure chest of her own objects of desire, whether actual or virtual. I am shamelessly following in her footsteps. I like the idea of having a place on the internet where I can post brief snapshot items, and not have to worry about the prose that goes with. Here, the writing is important to me, even though as you know I sometimes let things go without the usual mandatory polish. And despite the pictures of the dogs, and the occasional photo essay about walks in the woods or visits from Virginia the Pig, I think of the Backwards Blog as a literary rather than a visual endeavour. I think Posterous is going to be where I put the pictures I like, the things I like; it will be a way of pointing a finger and saying: See, see, look at that, over there. It will not be about the actual writing, or political arguments, or letting off steam, or general ranting, or discussing vital matters of the day. I think it will be pure pleasure. That is my very early inchoate sense.

At the moment, I am linking my Posterous site to this one, until the poor unsteady thing finds its feet. Then I may separate them. Or I may decide that one blog is quite enough for one girl. We shall see. I do have sudden imperative enthusiasms which peter out and are never seen again. For now, you will see short posts with the words Posted via email from TaniaKindersley's Posterous. If you want to go directly to the site, follow this link:

And in the meantime: a bonus picture of a very muddy dog, happy and exhausted after coming on a ride with my cousin and me this morning in the first bit of sunshine we have seen for days.


  1. I looked at India Knight's Posterous blog, couldn't work out how to follow it (can you do such a thing?) so ended up feeling a bit confused too. I'm sticking with my basic blog, which is like yours - I use it for posting pictures and writing stuff - but I'm interested to hear how you get on.

    PS always happy to look at dog photos!

  2. I think that's a great idea. I use my blog as a scrap book of sorts. sometimes just posting photos I've taken and then my rantings and ravings. I also have a Flickr account which works for me as Posterous blog - thats where I post all my photography. I feel that you can never have too many. xxx

  3. Love the pics you have chosen on your Posterous blog and likewise enjoy India's. I don't see how you can comment on Posterous, is this possible do you know?

    P.s. I always love to read your blog, you write so well and have very valid and informed opinions and ideas.


  4. We should all have a happy wordless place on the internet wher we can share pretty things - I use Tumblr to log my random thoughts, strange items of desires and even tacky little images that I find funny! It keeps my blog worth reading, thank god!


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