Wednesday, 24 February 2010

And since we are on the subject

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

It's a dog day, what can I tell you?

The tremendous Treo the army Labrador is getting a medal, for sniffing out explosives and saving many soldiers' lives. There is nothing I love more than a proper working dog, and this fellow is doing some serious work.

Treo the dog

Report in The Guardian here:

And more from Major Paul Smyth's excellent Helmand blog here:

Lovely quote from Treo's handler, Sergeant Dave Heyhoe: 'He is also a very good friend of mine. We look after each other.'

I try, without a vast amount of success, not to get too sentimental about dogs. I remind myself they are animals, not humans, and to anthropomorphise them does no good for their dignity, or ours. But, as anyone knows who has a canine, they do bring a very particular and heart-expanding kind of love. And in the case of this marvellous creature, they can actually save your life.


  1. Did you see the Horizon programme on dogs intelligence on a few weeks ago?
    Proved to me that dogs aren't just dogs....there is scientific proof that they're actually a bit more than that, have a much bigger vocabulary than we give them credit for and much more. There were some incredible observations and proof of the bond between dogs and humans.
    Heart expanding.
    I love hearing about working dogs. A lot of Airedales were used in the world wars. Must be a great comfort in such highly charged environments.

  2. Did see that programme and thought it absolutely riveting. Love the thought of the brave Airedales in the wars.

  3. Treo was on The One Show this evening. I melted at the sight of him. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for posting the links, Tania.


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