Wednesday, 3 February 2010


COMPUTER PART NOT HERE. I ring up. I press many options. I am informed it is coming tomorrow, a week after it was promised. I say – this is amateur hour. I say – this is 2010 not 1983. I say – I know it is not you, it is your rotten company. I try very hard to be courteous when what I want to do is SHOUT. Sarah says – take the afternoon off. I adore it when she says that.  It is her cure for frustration.  Here is another, for the picture of the day -                                            Frustration_Relief


  1. I recommend a very brisk walk with the girls and lots of vehement, non-girly stick-throwing. Work off some frustration.

  2. Love the picture of the day, I need it glued to my desk, to make me feel better whilst trying to deal with French bureaucracy. I also want to give you a big thank you and lots of blog love for putting me on your blog-roll, I recently installed a feedgit thingmybob and have noticed most traffic is arriving from your blog.


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