Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Now completely obsessed with Treo the dog

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

If you have the capacity, do watch glorious Treo the army sniffer dog get his medal for gallantry here:

It may be the sweetest thing currently on the internets. Someone should make it a massive You Tube hit.

Picture from the Press Association, via the BBC news website.


  1. Just thought you might like to know that Treo's award was a featured story on Fox News here in America this evening. Love your blog and your doggy pictures.

  2. Treo is utterly brilliant- get lump in throat about it all

  3. Also hopelessly in love with Treo. When he was interviewed on BBC news with his handler, Sergeant Heyhoe, the rain and wind were blasting down and Treo remained stoic and unflinching, esp when the wind was pushing his fur up into a rather fabulous mohawk.

    PS Discovered your book, and subsequently your blog, through the wonderful LibertyLondonGirl. The book has remained by my bedside throughout a tough winter and I am pressing copies on all my girlfriends. Brilliant, rallying cry stuff.


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