Thursday, 25 February 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Did not sleep much last night so have no coherent or useful thoughts for you. As always after a night of insomnia, I attempted to restore myself with an indulgent breakfast. In honour of the glory and necessity of breakfast, I present to you what I, with utter lack of any kind of humility, think is the perfect Egg Bread. (I think that some people call this French Toast, although I should say that no French person would be seen dead eating it.)

Take two slices of thick brown bread. White is too mere for this, and will disintegrate under the weight of the egg. Whisk up two eggs with a pinch of salt. The eggs should be as fresh and free range as you can manage. Some people will tell you to add milk; ignore them. Leave the bread to soak for five minutes; it is very important that it is absolutely saturated, or there will be a dull bready dryness at their heart, which is most demoralising. Put a large frying pan on a medium to high heat; add a dollop of olive oil.  Some people like to use butter, but I find it burns. Carefully put the slices of bread in and fry for about four minutes each side, until crisp and golden brown. Anoint with butter. This is no time for half measures. You can have yoghurt and berries tomorrow. Eat. (You may need a pinch of Malden Salt and a screw of black pepper for perfection. I leave that to you.)

Egg bread 004

PS Through my brain haze I have a sudden horrible feeling that the majestic LibertyLondonGirl did a recipe for this exact thing a few weeks ago; so if you follow both of us, I do apologise for the redundancy.

Tomorrow I promise I shall be sharp and rested.

PPS I have bought some oxtail in honour of the excessively wintry weather; have not cooked it in a hundred years so if any of you have a delightful oxtail recipe, I should be most grateful. I like it sticky and unctuous and falling off the bone, so I am thinking a very long gentle stewing would be the thing.


  1. I make the same but spread it with Marmite before the egg soaking - mmm yum.

  2. I abhor French Toast although I am alone in my family in that regard. For them, the sweeter, the more vanilla-y the better. For me, the more Maldon salt the better. I'm with you.

    Now, would you please post your oxtail recipe. It is my very favorite thing.

    Miss W x

  3. have never braved oxtail- all a bit Hugh FW for me cooking wise- though I love to watch him getting his hands dirty- am not veggie just rubbish

    eggy bread on the other hand- food of kings

  4. lovely blog!
    oxtail is long and slow - do you have a slo cooker? either all day or night in one of those or 4 hrs ish in low oven. then i wd leave it overnight to cool/ chill until fat sets and remove the fat in the morning. You dont have to but a lot of fat will float to the top and its a good way of getting rid of it. i just do it like an ordinary stew and perhaps put a bottle or can of beer in for backgroubd oooph but again, you dont have to as it makes its own tastiness! good luck


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