Tuesday, 2 February 2010


No sign of computer part. How hard is it to put an item in a box and POST it? Tricky for me to exist without many punctuation marks (keyboard compromised). Starting to give in to haunting sense of anomie. If not for so many kind comments, esp birthday wishes (thank you, thank you)might give in to despair. For cheering up – picture of the day is from Korean Vogue. I am quite cross about ideas of beauty being more and more WESTERN so this is an unexpected enchantment.                                              Korean Vogue

Photograph by Kim Kyun Soon.


  1. keyboard?
    Hi, its the guy from Dell??
    I thought I sold you a battery?

    sorry to intrude!

  2. Krishna - you are so kind to write. It HAS NOT ARRIVED. Am in despair as have to use broken computer which compromises writing - many keys do not work, no formatting etc. Can you assist? So hope so.


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