Saturday, 8 January 2011

Here comes the snow again

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I wake and everything is white. They had been talking of blizzards for a couple of days, but I had begun to think it was mere sensationalism. The snow came slowly and with determination in the night. The radio is saying the airports are closing. My faint idea of going to see The King's Speech is dashed.

The dogs, though, are happy. Nothing pleases them more than a bit of weather. Out we dash, only to find the going is entirely treacherous: the snow has fallen on sheet ice. I start to skid and swerve, despite my hardy gumboots. Careful, careful, I say, before going over - THWACK - like a cartoon character, straight on my arse. The canines very sweetly gather round, licking my nose, checking I am all right. Even though there was no one to see, I feel a faint sense of embarrassment. It is such a hoary old saw, actually falling over.

I stomp back to the house, my shoulder wrenched and aching, and decide it shall be an entire day off. I shall lounge on the sofa like Mrs Patrick Campbell and watch the weather come in. I think: thank goodness I had decided yesterday that the blog did not have to be a weighty thing of substance, because there is certainly no substance today. There shall only be stillness, and quite possibly some daytime television. (What? We can't all be Dostoevsky every day.)

Pictures of the day are all slightly blue, because even at nine o'clock in the morning, the light is like twilight:

8th Jan 1

8th Jan 4

8th Jan 5

8th Jan 6

8th Jan 7

8th Jan 7-1

8th Jan 11

(See how the blueness lifts as I walk further and the light asserts itself? This of course was before I went A over T.)

Obligatory canines:

8th Jan 9


8th Jan 10

And today's hill:

8th Jan 2

Now I am going to lie very, very still.


  1. Oh you poor thing! Hope no serious damage has been sustained and that a day on the sofa restores your spirits.

    Don't those photos have an eerie quality to them? As always, immensely beautiful, but definitely a bit less welcoming than the sunlight shots.

  2. I've been reading, and greatly enjoying, your blog for a while now, but now feel impelled to post a comment, after your recent A over T episode. Firtsly, I hope no lasting damage has been sustained and secondly, I would highly recommend obtaining a pair of Yaktrax (you can find them on the Google and also outdoor shops in Aberdeen), which are an ingenious invention that you can slip on over shoes, boots, gumboots, whatever and stop you slipping on snow and ice. I've been using them since Mr Claus brought me a pair on Christmas day. And no, I'm not on commission or anything else, I just know well the indignity of falling A over T and want to save a few folk from that sorry fate! All the best!

  3. Sorry about the slippage :( but thankyou for the beautiful snow dogs :) as ever adoring the photos. Anne.x

  4. Oh I hope you recover soon. Falling over always feels so undignified which seems like insult to injury. I hope your day of rest does you good.

  5. Dear Tania, beautiful pictures. Hope you had a wonderful day lounging. Mrs Patrick Campbell had the right idea xx


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