Monday, 10 January 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Ill in bed with a dull bug. Nothing dramatic enough to warrant sympathy, just a boring, wintery, ache all over and feel very cross sort of low viral load. My glands are like large walnuts.

So there is only time for a quick shot of the hill in the gloaming, because there must always be a shot of the hill; it is my dedicated promise. (Why? Why? Feeling is: I must take it every day because I said so, and if I do not do what I said then buildings will fall and mountains will crumble.)

11th Jan 1


  1. You might not feel it warrants sympathy, but I am sending some *anyway* so there! :) ~ hope you feel much better soon and that you are flanked in bed by the Duchess and the Pigeon.

  2. Dull bugs are a total pain . Get better soon.

  3. I do know that very crossed feeling so well!! I get dull boring bugs a bit too often for my liking, and get very irritated and temporarily inclined to disown my own body.
    Though last year I discovered a wonderful German product called 'Kaloba' drops, Pelargonium sidoides (South African Geranium) root extract, which, if I take when symptoms first appear and keep taking until they have gone, seems to nip the bug in the bud, or at least dim down the symptoms to such a level, that I quickly manage to forget about them - always a sure sign of recovery. May be worth a try! Keep warm and cosy under the watchful eyes of the Lovely Ones.
    Cristina X :)

  4. Hope someone is bringing you soup and tea with honey. Feel better! xx
    ps. Christina's on the right track -- the pelargonium drops are called Umcka here. I swear by them.

  5. I do hope you will soon get better.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. It's a dull sort of January day anyway - best spent in bed.

    I took a picture out of my window every day for years in our old country place - now we're here in the city I love browsing the varying landscapes from snow to rain to cows grazing to passing fox hunts. A view definitely worth recording. (No mountain, alas) xx

  7. Such very kind get well wishes; thank you.


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