Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bonus Post: Easily the Best Thing Currently on the Internets

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I found this just now on The Daily Dish. It is five minutes of heavenly hilarity. I am still not certain if it is a spoof or not. If it is real, and I’m not sure anyone could manufacture that much earnest excitement, then I think I am rather in love with Betsy, the protagonist. I wouldn’t think she and I agree on a single political issue, but you’ve got to admire that much giddy enthusiasm. I hope someone does buy her her soy latte, after all that.

Best two lines: ‘No. I’m moving to Canada'.’

And: ‘I’m going to have to eat my feelings’.

See what you think:

South Carolina turns out not to love Mrs Palin. Poor Betsy.


Update: Hmm. The embed seems to have cut off half the video. If you want to see it properly, and it is worth it, I promise, follow the link here.


  1. Hilarious! Made my day! Thanks for the post. I agree, hope somebody at least gets her a soy smoothie...

  2. "I'm going to have to eat my feelings..." Gotta remember that line!

    (In all seriousness, this IS heartening to see, the random street corner poll...South Carolina is traditionally an extremely conservative state on a number of issues -- no labor unions there! That so many people reacted the way they did gives one hope that all this Palin for President talk IS pure nonsense.)

  3. That is the most encouraging thing I have seen with regards American politics in a very long time. We can only hope it was genuine and not just the edited tape that shows only the negative reactions. That woman scares me silly!

  4. Awesome. Very fun way to start my day!


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