Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pigeon home

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Oh oh my poor old lady. She is home at last, but battered and bewildered. This thing has really knocked the stuffing out of her. She is a bit wobbly on her legs, swaying from side to side as if on a ship at sea. And she gives me the mute What the Hell is Going On look.

But she is no longer in pain. Her paws, which were stretched and stiff from what must have been an excruciating ache in her stomach, are now soft and relaxed. And she is sleeping, rather than doing the agonised staring into space of before.

We are not quite out of the woods. She is, after all, 84 in human years. We must go again tomorrow to see the vet, in case, as he says, ‘she goes downhill’. So I cannot yet quite relax.

Still, it is wonderful to have her home. The house felt all wrong without her in it. We are just going to go very, very slowly, together, and hope that the dog Fates are smiling on us.

It is probably not necessary, strictly speaking, for her to be all swaddled up like this. She is, after all, descended from generations of working dogs. But it makes me feel happier. So she gets the ancient vintage Welsh blanket on one side, and the rather naughtily extravagant new Johnstons of Elgin one on the other:

Pigeon home 16 June 2

This one is completely out of focus, because there was not enough light in my office for my poor old camera, but I am posting it anyway because it is so amazingly sweet:

Pigeon Home 16 June 3

And this, with the slightly baffled look:

Pigeon Home 16th June 1.ORF

But at least she wagged her tail when she got out of the car and realised she was home. I am trying not to fall into a trough of sentiment here. It is bad enough that I appear to be recording every last detail of dog illness. But the game tail wagging did almost finish me off.


  1. Ahh, poor poppet, I am so glad she is home, for both of you, everything crossed for a successful recovery process, sending cyber hugs to both of you.

  2. Poor old darling. She looks like she's appreciating the blankets, and being back home with you.

    I do remember being told by a vet years ago that an averagely intelligent dog has the same IQ as a 4 year old child, and we shouldn't underestimate their ability to understand what's going on around them. So don't worry too much about anthropomorphic sentimentality, because I'm sure she's as glad to be back with you as you are to have her back. Best wishes to you both, as ever, Kx

  3. I am glad that your dog is back home with you.

  4. Good luck to you and your sweet girl.

  5. So nice you have her home. She will feel so much better once she has familiar things around her. And you will feel so much better too! Rachelx

  6. Lovely 'photos of your dog, so great that she is back home with you, wishing you both the very best x

  7. So glad. And the photos, oh, the photos of her swaddled in blankets. The look clearly says "I've been poorly. I DESERVE this".

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Totally swaddled, totally spoilt, and this is how it should be.

  9. So *glad* she is home - have been thinking of you both so very much. Thankyou for your lovely comment and mention - I knew you'd understand about Fig - in fact, if it doesn't sound silly, you were one of the first people I thought of when we lost him. I can empathise completely about the house being all wrong without Pigeon...we have found the silent emptiness unbearable and although nothing can ever replace our beautiful little man, have adopted two abandoned kittens from a local rescue centre. Of them, more hereafter.
    Spend a peaceful night together you dear sweet pair, I hope the morning brings more wags and progress.

  10. I wish I could reach to wrap my arms around you both. She looks so sweet in her blanket bed. Much love to you both xx

  11. I think the swaddling is appreciated. So so glad that she is back home. Keep us all posted please.

  12. Look at the luxury blankets! Hope you had a good night.

  13. Pigeon looks so sweet in the rugs! And content to be home. A house is dreadfully quiet and lonely without animals and their love in it. Gently, gently on both yourselves, with much spoiling and touching and cuddling. Love is love.

    Love is also food (or a good cup of tea in the kitchen). Start her with broth, which is easy to digest and so full of goodness.

    Continuing good thoughts and cyber hugs. Gentle scruffles to Herself!

  14. Tania, I can vouch for the fact that Italian mothers are indeed great believers in the power of food to aid the healing process and they develop great confidence in the fine progression of the right food for rebuilding strenght.
    In fact a great deal of time is spent gathering the perfect ingredients and, after the meal, discussing how to progress with all members of the family.

    It always starts with a 'brodino' (a little broth), then 'riso in bianco' (rice boiled in broth with a thick sprinkle of Parmesan, considered extremely nutritious as well as easily digestible). Next step would be a drizzle of olive oil and then the addition of some lean minced meat.

    In this art they are very closely monitored of course by their own Mamma as well as by a often critical Mamma-in-law!

    Big hug and AUGURI to you and a totally adorable Pigeon in plaids.

    May her appetite reapper soon! XXX

  15. She looks so cosy there - really hope she is much better soon. Take care.

  16. Yeah! Go Pidge... I don't know how you can resist getting in there with her - they look so cosy.

  17. Pancreatitis is frightening when it comes on so quickly without a clear reason. The Pigeon looks lovely and cozy and on the mend. I hope you are, too. The two of you have been through a ghastly couple of months.

  18. What good news! Pigeon home (where she belongs), the two of you together. Keep getting better & better.


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