Saturday, 4 June 2011

In Brief

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Today is mostly pictures, because I am tired.

I am sad the Queen did not win the Derby. 'Oh come on, your Majesty,' I found myself shouting. (The dogs were amazed.) It is quite odd to love an eighty-year-old woman whom you have never met, especially when she embodies the madness of the hereditary principle. And yet, I love the Queen. Love love love her. When this first came upon me, I was rather embarrassed about it. Now I think: don't care. It can just go along with the other peculiar freaks that I have in my head.

'Oh the poor Queen,' chorused the Mother, the Stepfather, and the Step Uncle and Aunt, as I took them some chocolate fridge cake.

'And to be beaten by the French,' said my mother, in horrified tones.

'At last,' I said; 'payback for Agincourt.'

The lady herself took it with her usual stoicism, dignified in defeat.

Luckily, my small friend B had been to visit, to make up the for the disappointment. She instructed me on how many fairies can live in a hollow acorn. It is seven, you will be interested to know. Almost certainly she will soon tell me how many angels can dance on the edge of a pin.

Lunch with the Younger Niece, and my friend M, who made me laugh.

Now I am exhausted, and going back to my Sitting Very Still plan.

Here are some pictures:

5 June 1

5 June 2

5 June 3

5 June 4

5 June 7

5 June 8-1

5 June 7-1

5 June 9-1

The dog of the Older Niece and the Man in the Hat. That slightly melancholy look is because she really, really wants me to throw a stick for her and I cannot find one:

5 June 11

The Pigeon is being so adorable today that she gets two pictures, for the full beauty. The first is very slightly blurry, but I love it because she is doing her Grace Kelly look:

5 June 6

And the second is Dignity on her monument:

5 June 8

The hill:


Thanks, as always, for the enchanting comments of this week. I worried yesterday that I might have been guilty of the dreaded Over-Share, but the kindness of your response sent all angst running for the hills. You are the very best of Dear Readers, and I thank you all.


  1. I'm pretty sure there are fairies nesting in those little white flowers.

  2. By George, she's got it. You will be just fine, dear Tania...with perhaps a few scars, but they are emblematic of character, and that, I believe, you have in spades.

    Hadn't thought about fairies and acorns since my progeny was about 4...a good 35 years ago. Those were lovely times. Thanks for the reminder. I really must pay closer attention for fairy-sign.

  3. I also adore the Queen. I'm not keen on any heredity system and I have no time for any of her many relations, but she is the bee's knees and were she to stand for election, she'd get my vote, no question.

  4. ...and not only a frenchman but a cocky one at that. Quelle horreur!


    PS The Pigeon is so regal.

  6. The Grace Kelly look is precious!! So perfect!


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