Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wordless Thursday

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I really wish it were Wednesday, because then there would have been alliteration.

Did 1798 words of book today, mostly driven by OUTRAGE. (You know how I say one should really never use capital letters? I may be wrong about that. Sometimes an italic just won’t do the job. As always, I am watching closely for the Thin End of the Wedge.)

Did 2100 words of my writing workshop, which starts next week. I have all the notes from last year and the one before, but for some reason I am lashing myself to start from scratch. Got to keep busy, I suppose.

Anyway, the point is: there are no words left in my brain.

So here are some pictures. They all appear to be of the colour green. Soothing for the eyes and spirit, I think.

30 June 1

30 June 3

30 June 4

30 June 6

30 June 7

30 JUne 7-1

30 June 9

30 June 10

30 June 10-1

30 June 12

30 June 13

30 June 14

30 June 15

30 June 16

30 June 18

30 June 20

30 June 21

Thank you for lovely comments yesterday. I’m trying to get back into the habit of replying to them, but do not always succeed. Bear with me.


  1. Eighteen-hundred words on your book, 2,100 on your writing workshop! WOW! If you could market the anger that drove that I'd certainly be interested!

    Seriously, sorry to hear this. Always amazed at how you "convert" it into something creative, productive, positive...(I'm more likely to sit on my duff thinking up revenge "fantasies").
    The abundance of GREEN (with an almost subliminal Pigeon shot!) IS very healing.

  2. It CANNOT be your writing workshop again!!!! Where did that year go???? I have a JOB (I feel like I must shout that, given my heretofore fulltime maternal status) recipe writing and I am whizzing them out, 2-3 an hour - output, highly efficient output and brain usage makes me very happy!

  3. Pat - you are always so kind. Do not fret too much: outrage was not at a person or situation but at something I read in the course of my researches. So I took to the barricades. So glad you like the green.

    Jo - amazed and incredibly impressed by rate of recipes. And they are such hard things to write well (not sure everyone realises that). Salutations.

  4. Let's hear it for ALL CAPS! Of course, I'm joking, but only barely. You are a stitch, Tania. I do love to come here. I always learn something and the photographs always delight and inspire.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous green. Pigeon perfection. (Alliteration for beginners!)

    So impressed with your output. And I have some serious house envy x


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