Tuesday, 21 June 2011

In which I am too tired to blog

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

In state of complete exhaustion (but for good, holy reasons, rather than sad, bad ones) so the day is reduced to some kind of virtual haiku:

The plumber arrives, and makes me open the Cupboard of Doom. This is very, very frightening. NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN THE CUPBOARD OF DOOM. But it’s a boiler necessity. We survey the terror. I say: it’s a good thing I can write, because no one would ever give me a housekeeping job. He laughs. He says, kindly: you could learn.

I’d quite like to tell you the lessons I learnt from the opening of the COD, but am too tired now. Perhaps tomorrow. What treats in store.

I do domestic activity, including the making of a soup. I give some to the poor plumber, because it’s the least I can do. You should see what he had to do with the boiler. He seemed slightly surprised, but quite pleased. He liked the soup.

While people drill and bash and make actual holes in the walls of my house (it’s a vent thing), I somehow do 1797 words of book. Can’t quite believe it. My head may fall off.

My friend Stephen sends me a tree. A TREE. (Sorry for too many capitals; exhaustion has removed all self-control.) Which I can plant in the earth. It is the sweetest thing imaginable. I plant it in the earth.

A Dear Reader sends me an incredibly lovely letter. I am deeply touched.

The rain falls, and falls, and falls. I suddenly realise it is midsummer day. Or the Longest Day. Or something. Here, it is all of twelve degrees. On account of the new boiler not yet being ready to go, I swaddle myself in shawls, like a Russian babushka.

The Pigeon continues to mend.

I spy a pied wagtail on the lawn, which makes me happy.

Did I mention my friend Stephen SENT ME A TREE?

Really am stopping now.


Too wet for the taking of photographs, so here are some from the past few days:

21 June 1

21 June 2

21 June 5

21 June 6

21 June 8

21 June 8-1

21 June 9

21 June 21


  1. Ha ha ha, lovely haiku-style post! Loved the bit about the TREE, what a lovely present. Cupboard of doom; I'm sure we all have one, be not ashamed... look forward to hearing more about it when you are less exhausted. Last but not least, well done for writing all those words!

  2. A tree is an excellent present - go on show us a photo!

  3. A surprise tree in the post is wonderful. What a nice man. Can we have a picture?

    Also, what a pretty viola; I haven't seen one in pink and cream before, just the usual blues.

    Happy Midsummer to you and the Pigeon


  4. I have been exhausted too - but in a bad, headache-induced, not-quite-ill way. Your blog makes it better though. I don't have a Cupboard of Doom, I have a Room of Doom. Unfortunately it also happens to be my bedroom so I have to face it every day.

    Trees are good things. Whenever I am feeling down, trees can generally pull me back up again.

    I'm glad you were able to write more of your book.

  5. I have been reading your blog for well over a year now in mallorca, and never said thank you for everything - you do make everything seem better. Sending love xxx

  6. Hooray Pigeon!

    And hooray Stephen for the TREE!

    Bird x

  7. Talking of soup, I was reading your blog from the start and came across your chicken soup recipe yesterday. It was so cold and rainy in Fife today that I went out and bought the ingredients to make it for my lunch! Bloody delicious! I admit I added some tarragon and a wee touch of cream but that is all ! Thank you for that lovely version of chicken soup. I shall make it often!

  8. Loved the tree bit. Obviously someone who knows your love for them. I like the blue flower whatever it is.

  9. Gak! Broken boiler, rainy rain, but also Pigeon doing well, a new tree and a grateful workman. On balance, I'd call it a good day. Whoa, and I almost forgot the nearly 2,000 words! You've got style, lady.

  10. I, too, am curious about your newest tree...

    (Nearly 2,000 words on your book -- BRAVO!...Keep that plumber close at hand?)

    (Twenty-three years ago my Midsummer Night's Dream became reality: Kate was born.)

    XX to you & Pigeon


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