Saturday, 30 July 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Today was:

Both nieces.


Dog and ball; ball and dog.


The final cutting of the astrantias.

A little afternoon rest.

Croque monsieur.

A pair of tiny robins, dancing on the lawn.

The song of the swallows.


I really cannot complain.



The astrantias are over, so I had to cut them back. I am hoping they might flower again, perhaps towards the end of August, but am not sure. They have given me so much pleasure this summer, and I salute them:

30 July 1

30 July 2

30 July 3

30 July 4

30 July 5

A little marjoram, nestling against the Scottish granite:

30 July 6

30 July 7

We haven’t had any of the magnificent violas for a while:

30 July 9

30 July 10

The new laurel:

30 July 11

The white marjoram:

30 July 12

The new tree hydrangea:

30 July 13

The evening light on the cotinus:

30 July 14

Delphinium, with the old cherry tree in the background:

30 July 15

New blue planting in the wild garden:

30 July 16

30 July 16-1

The view from the wild garden, back into the proper garden, or as proper as it gets:

30 July 16-2

The evening light on the trees and hill:

30 July 18

Sometimes I think the expression bright-eyed and bushy-tailed might have been invented for the Pigeon:

30 July 20

Look at her doing her sphinx impersonation:

30 July 21

And one more, just for the sheer beauty:

30 July 22

The hill:

30 July 24.ORF

Lovely comments yesterday; thank you. Have a glorious weekend.


  1. The viola picture is rich in colour and I'm listening to violas in the Albert Hall as I type. (The Proms.) I guess I could be thinking of Shakespeare's Viola too...

    This is penultimate day of July, the heart of the summer in our northern latitude, and your pictures remind me why we all love the season, the cricket, the country gardens and our friends, whether furry or not.

  2. Love the sphinx photo. Pigeon is looking very wise.



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