Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Pictures.

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Pouring with rain again, so no new pictures. Here are some from the last week:

10 July 1

10 July 2

10 July 3

10 July 5

10 July 6

10 July 7

10 July 7-1

10 July 9

10 July 10

10 July 11

10 July 16

10 July 4

10 July 15


  1. I would rejoice at a bit of rain, let alone "pouring with rain." All photos tops, as usual, but in particular, the second photo of the Pigeon...what a quizzical expression. She has such an expressive, sweet face. Misfortunes aside, you have a quite lovely life, as most of us do actually if we have reasonably good health, some wit, some intelligence and resilience. I'm just so damned happy to wake up every morning. At my age, that's a feat unto itself. Cheers.

  2. Jean P - lovely wise words. And the garden does look very, very happy after all that rain.

  3. I love the ferns most especially...I don't think many people do, but I love their curling fronds. Pigeon is stunning as always :-)
    Have you been having the flash thunderstorms? The sudden downpours here have been biblical.

  4. Anne - so glad you like the ferns. I rather agree: I think most people do not like them. They grow wild all over the place up here, so I have lots in the wild bit of the garden, a corner which is not supposed to look like a border at all, but as if it happened completely naturally. I ADORE them. Perhaps they became unfashionable after the Edwardians did them to death. And yes, flash storms a go-go, so dramatic one can physically not leave the house.


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