Sunday, 24 July 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The sun shines. I cannot say how extraordinary that simple sentence is. The sun has not been out here for over two weeks. It blasts back in, quite unapologetic, as if it had never been away. We all stare at it in awe and wonder. ‘The sun,’ we say, as if we are ancient peoples seeing portents in the skies.

I think of the people of Norway.

I do my work, because I am running up to a deadline.

Occasionally, I go outside and stare at the light.

From time to time, I check on the cricket, mostly to hear the voice of Blowers say: Oh, my dear old chap. Henry Blofeld must be the last man in England who calls anyone over the age of ten ‘my dear old chap’. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I do. I also love it very much when he says things like: ‘oh, he just tickled that away’.


Here are some restorative Sunday pictures:

The sunshine on the growing things:

24 July 2-2

24 July 3-2

24 July 4-2

New blue planting in the wild garden:

24 July 3-3

24 July 4-3

24 July 5-2

24 July 6-2

Sun on the salvia:

24 July 9-2

24 July 10-2

A sudden flash of red from the phlox pots:

24 July 10-3


24 July 16-2

24 July 18-2

24 July 19-3

The hill, from a different angle than usual:

24 July 22

24 July 23

Off goes the Pigeon, with her waggly tail:


And posing seriously for her close-up:

24 July 19-2

She sometimes gets quite bored with having her photograph taken. This face is mostly saying, ‘Please can we do the thing with the stick again?’:

24 July 20-2

And, since it is a Sunday, and the sun is shining, I am acceding to reader requests for pictures of the famous Purple Shoes. Here they are:

24 July 21

24 July 24

I bet Blowers would like those shoes. Oh, he would say, my dear old thing.


  1. Oh my. Oh MY. Those are purple indeed. We are enjoying sun here as well. I have just been a walk up the hill behind the farm. I saw no one else, but I did see a fox, which was trotting blatantly along the path until it sensed me. Then it paused, and I caught sight of the white tuft in the tail as it vanished into the undergrowth.

  2. I thought about those poor children while I swam in the sea. It's very cold, but I had a choice!

    On a happier note I love your shoes, and your lovely dog.

  3. You live in such a beautiful place - it lifts the heart just to see those pictures. And what a relief to have some sun at last! Rachel

  4. From those shoes, I can see your brother is kind and 'happy in his skin'.
    Those are gentle happy shoes.

    Love to see the Pidge soo engrossed in her pursuits, having just time to break reluctantly for that daily shot.

    Too many rabbits to chase, too many sticks to catch, no time to waste! Quite so. C. :)

  5. The sun. Didn't it just make all the difference?

  6. They are wonderful shoes. And the sun is amazing, it has really helped my mood lately.

  7. I'm inclined to think he may use the word spiffing to describe them. Did you ever show us the glorious red shoes? If not, please may we see them?

  8. Not just purple, but with pink piping. Seriously well chosen.

    I've been without the interwebs for a couple of days, so please forgive a jumble of comments...

    Norway - for all that has happened, the best is that there is no stupid reaction, no immediate desire for vengeance, only a need to understand and heal. It gives me faith in humanity.

    Pigeon. Such a love. I am always amazed that they can wear their teeth down so much - a sign of aging, much like the horse's galvayne's groove. Please give her an extra hug for me.

    Sun - none here. Saturday there was, and I weeded, getting beds ready for early Spring planting. Sunday and today has been bleak, cold and made for sitting indoors surrounded by dogs. Loving the photos of plants - they're a constandt delight and wonder, even the smallest of them.

  9. Wow! I am impressed! The shoes are even more purple than I had imagined. The quality of light in northern Scotland, even on overcast days, continues to amaze different from what I am accustomed to.

  10. Love your shoes. Purple and gorgeous. As is that Pidge face gazing at the camera. Please give those ears a wee tug from me xx


    And thank you for all the sunshine. It has been grey, clammy & even a bit chilly here in Belgium. (Brrrr)
    (Still steadfastly wearing my sandals, however!)


  12. I love the cricket commentaries for exactly the same old thing and to watch Billy Bowden indicate a six! priceless!

  13. Such lovely comments; thank you. SO glad you like the Brother's eccentric purple shoes.

    And Mystica - so agree about Umpire Bowden. :)

  14. Every one like sunday. all people take rest for this day. week end also for sunday.

  15. Dear Tania, the news is appalling. I'm glad you spoke about it so beautifully.

    The purple shoes are a triumph xx

    PS. I hope you don't mind me saying - it would be so much easier for your readers if you changed to "pop up" comments as you can't refer back to the post as it is. Sign out and try it.

    Go to Dashboard - Settings - Comments - Pop Up Window xx


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