Monday, 26 December 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

After this morning's crazed post, I have to give you the news.

I thought it would be: ah, the old fella could not quite do it. Not at eleven; not after that gruelling race at Haydock; not against the brilliant young pretender. I thought I would be out in the air, with The Pigeon, rationalising defeat in my sad mind.

Instead, I can tell you:


The old king is still the king.

I am not at all ashamed to report that I am still crying. I was a fairy tale after all. It really came true.

No horse has ever won five King Georges. FIVE.

I shall tell you the story of the race when I have gathered my wits. By the state of the wits, that may be sometime next week.

I have seen a lot of great races in my time. I think, I think, that this was the best thing I ever saw in racing.

I wish my dad had been here to see it too.


  1. I am crying too, and I haven't even seen the video of it yet, LOL. Am reading 'comments' on several UK sites, the ones which are usually so carping and negative, because of course no one ever really agrees on which horse is best -- but today everyone is congratulating Kauto Star and his connections. It is really heartwarming (hate that word, but can't think of anything else to express it).

    Perhaps it seems even more special because there is so much bad news in the world these days? When something like this happens, it's like a great voice saying, 'yes, folks, things still do go right sometimes.' Very reassuring. And I am so glad for Kauto ~ that honor is his alone, and likely to be for many, many years to come.

    Thanks for your posts about Kauto Star ~ I had heard of him, but had no idea of how special he is.


  2. I'm not remotely a racing person but I just checked the Beeb, in my news junkie way, and thought 'Oh Tania [whom I do not know, in life outside the computer] will be so delighted!' and so you are, and so am I for you. Xxx

  3. Wahoo! You wrote with such passion about Kauto Star in your previous post that it had to be a done deal. :) What a thrill x

  4. So glad that he won, so glad that you are so glad! Happy Christmas!!!

  5. Hooray for Kauto. A wonderful story about a magnificent horse.

    And the avenue is looking gorgeous today.

  6. Yay! Thanks for sharing the glory.


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