Saturday, 3 December 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

When I turn left off the A90, for the last 35 miles to my house, this is what I see:

3 Dec 1 03-12-2011 12-29-03

3 Dec 2 03-12-2011 12-29-12

We stopped at the highest point, where the wind was blowing so hard I practically fell over. I let The Pigeon out to stretch her legs.

Looking right:

3 Dec 4 03-12-2011 12-29-36

She saw this:

3 Dec 5 03-12-2011 12-28-44

Looking left:

3 Dec 6 03-12-2011 12-29-52

She saw this:

3 Dec 7 03-12-2011 12-32-18

And then there was all the rest of it:

3 Dec 8 03-12-2011 12-32-20

3 Dec 8 03-12-2011 12-32-34

3 Dec 9 03-12-2011 12-32-37

3 Dec 10 03-12-2011 12-35-06

3 Dec 11 03-12-2011 12-36-02

3 Dec 12 03-12-2011 12-36-04

3 Dec 13 03-12-2011 12-36-06

3 Dec 14 03-12-2011 12-36-09

Once you drive over those hills, and see them from the other side, you get this glorious silhouette:

3 Dec 16 03-12-2011 12-47-32

That is why, when I pass the sign saying Welcome to Scotland, I get actual tears in my actual eyes, and I don't care who knows it.

It is why I get homesick.

It is why I can't live anywhere else.

Back in my dear little garden, which is looking amazingly green and neat for the time of year, I look south and see this:

3 Dec 18 03-12-2011 15-51-09

And west and see this:

3 Dec 19 03-12-2011 15-52-07

Did you ever see anyone so pleased to be home?:

3 Dec 20 03-12-2011 15-50-08

And serious, for her close-up:

3 Dec 21 03-12-2011 15-52-49

And at last, oh at last, my hill. My hill:

3 Dec 22 03-12-2011 15-54-32

Now I am going to sleep for 24 hours.

(I freely admit I am not as hardy as I once was, when it comes to long journeys.)


  1. Unbelievably beautiful....I wouldn't want to live anywhere else either!! London must feel so claustrophobic when you are here!!

    Your photos are stunning as always :)

    Rest well :) X

  2. I feel the same about my little town...each time I walk beside Lake Ontario or along the banks of the Niagara River. Aren't we lucky to live where our hearts have always longed to be?
    Your photos are stunning.

  3. I have a framed photograph of the "Welcome to Scotland" sign in my bedroom. THAT is how much it means to me. And I wept when I saw it, too... both times.

  4. So beautiful that it will bring tears to anyone who calls it home. Just returned from my seven hour bus journey to the orphanage in Mannar. Tired but happy that Christmas was sorted out for the children there.

  5. Scotland leaves me breathless. My first trip to the Highlands was many years ago while I was working in New York. My boyfriend (now husband) had to stop the car so I could get out and take it all in. I can't get enough of the wild beauty of it, though London had been our home for a while now. I want to go back.

    Welcome home!

  6. Beautiful photographs that come infused with a love of "home" - thanks for sharing.


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