Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday pictures

Posted by Tania Kindersley.


11 Dec 5 05-12-2011 15-43-57.ORF

11 Dec 12 07-12-2011 14-56-57.ORF

11 Dec 10 05-12-2011 15-40-11.ORF

11 Dec 16 05-12-2011 15-43-32.ORF

11 Dec 7 05-12-2011 15-38-46.ORF

11 Dec 9 05-12-2011 15-40-11

11 Dec 11 05-12-2011 15-40-32.ORF

11 Dec 13 07-12-2011 14-58-06.ORF

11 Dec 15 07-12-2011 15-05-38

Most lovely and wise comments yesterday. Thank you. One of the Dear Readers gently suggest perhaps a picture of the Duchess. I had been thinking of this for some time, but wondered if it might be a bit sad, or maudlin. Now I think: why not? This is what the ladyships were doing on this day last year:

11 Dec 1 30-11-2010 13-51-57

11 Dec 2 30-11-2010 14-07-49

And one more for luck:


She really was outrageously beautiful, wasn't she?

Pigeon today, in black and white:

11 Dec 15 05-12-2011 15-45-37.ORF

The hill:

11 Dec 20 07-12-2011 15-04-17.ORF


  1. Yes, yes, YES: she really was outrageously beautiful as obvious in her Greta Garbo close-up portrait today.
    I hoped for pictures of the Duchess after yesterday post.
    And the way she does snow is a quite unique pleasure!
    To see her again is good for us too. More of her pictures anytime you feel. :)

  2. P.S. (above) Cristina

  3. Tania, how lovely! I've been away and come back to a treat of the Utterly Beautiful Duchess and a black and white Pidge. Thank you, they've made my morning.
    I hope, when you're particularly missing the Duchess, you post more pics of her. They're very special to us too.

    And the photo of a layer of trees with the hill and the snow! Stunning xx

  4. Oh thank you! So nice to see the Duchess again. The Pigeon is very elegant in black and white, too.

  5. Thank you for some glorious photographs to start my Monday. I am trying so hard to clear up my desk and this was a nice pause.

  6. Two such striking dogs, and so different. I never got that when I started reading your blog and seeing at their pictures (the difference, not the 'striking') but now I wonder how I could miss it!

    And to echo the other comments, it is lovely to see photos of the Duchess again. She was beautiful, and I'm in danger of gazing at some of those photos for far too long on a working day.

  7. what a lovely hill, whereabouts is it? very beautiful indeed.

  8. Wonderful photographs - adored seeing the Duchess again, though she is rarely very far from my thoughts when I read these pages.

  9. A new new year's tradition: photos of beloved favorites gone on? Works for me.



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