Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No Words Today

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

On account of far too many yesterday. Today I am silence de glace.

Here are some pictures for you:

26 Dec 1 26-12-2011 12-43-54

26 Dec 2 26-12-2011 12-44-02

26 Dec 3 26-12-2011 12-44-15

26 Dec 4 26-12-2011 12-44-29

26 Dec 8 24-12-2011 14-06-38

26 Dec 5 26-12-2011 12-50-37.ORF

26 Dec 11 26-12-2011 12-45-22

26 Dec 12 26-12-2011 12-47-19.ORF

26 Dec 13 26-12-2011 13-16-38.ORF

26 Dec 15 25-12-2011 16-17-52

Oh, and because I can't resist, the magnificent champion from yesterday:

Kauto Star after fifth King George

By David Ashdown, from The Independent.


  1. LOL, you can say no words. The Pigeon speaks for you. Looks like a nice day in Scotland.


  2. How is it possible that a horse of a "certain age" can look "young"?

  3. Kauto Star day was so perfect! We were all dressed up in walking clothes but were sitting waiting for the race- I thought he looks very good, very calm, it could happen... then it was just perfect- what a win- by what a margin- truly a great horse- and a very good jockey too. So happy!


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