Saturday, 23 February 2013

A day off

For the first time in about three weeks, I am taking a whole day off. No blog, no HorseBack work, no writing at all. The Horse Talker is even going to do evening stables for me. It’s just going to be me, and this fella, working out what is going to win the 2.35 at Fairyhouse:

23 Feb 1

Oh, the luxury.

I hope you may have an equally indulgent Saturday.


  1. Enjoy your day off!

    I always enjoy your pictures and words, however I found yesterday's pictures to be especially lovely. So nice to see you with Red, the horse and the hat. :)


  2. My menfolk are cooking, The Husband and The Naval Nephew, making egg pasta from scratch. I am watching the rugby with half an eye. Talk about role reversal...

  3. You should -- oh no, I used the "s" word! -- do this more often! (Relax, refuel, regenerate....mostly RELAX!)

    Stanley is stunning.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your day off. I love this photo of Mr Stanley. I agree with some of your other commentators - Mr Stanley has lost the slightly anxious look he had when he first came to you. He looks now, as if he knows he is "home" & this is where he is meant to be. So wonderful to see. You did that Tania, well done.


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