Monday, 4 February 2013

Too tired to type

It is after six and I just got home from a day in Aberdeen. I went to Robert Gordon University to listen to one of the team leaders of HorseBack UK talk to a group of students. It was so interesting my head almost fell off. I would love to tell you all about it, but my stamina is shot, and even iron tonic cannot restore me to full typing capacity.

I feel slightly pathetic saying this, since the man I went with is a Royal Marine, who not only was used covering miles with heavy packs on his back in forty degree heat, but was actually blown up twice. (I feel there is some Oscar Wilde-ish quip in there, but I’m too tired to make it.) So my wailing about being shattered after a nice drive in a comfortable car and a fascinating talk to some engaged young people is really very mimsy indeed.

Still, there it is. It is clear that the Marines shall not be knocking on my door.

Proper reportage tomorrow.

In the meantime, you get just one dear face:

4 Feb 2

And for those of you who follow the continuing adventures of Stanley the Dog, and will be wondering (because I know you will): this was the first time I had left him. Quite nervous. The Mother and the lovely Stepfather took him for the day, and he had a tremendous time and was very, very well-behaved. ‘He really has had quite a lot of treats,’ said my mother, as I arrived to pick him up. He was gratifyingly pleased to see me, but not in a panicky way, so it seems the abandonment issues are receding. Hurrah.


  1. Ah but the Royal Marine didn't just jump into do all that from a standing start, he built up to it, trained for it, started with small steps.

    1. Cal - that's a very kind way of looking at it. Still do feel like a BIT of a wimp. :)

  2. SUCH good news about Stanley. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Lillyanne - sort of knew the Dear Readers would fret if I did not report. It touches me amazingly that he has become such a blog favourite. Can't tell you how happy and relieved I was that he had such a fine time. He loves going to the Mother's house, and has breakfast there with me each morning, but I was quite anxious all the same. Absolute TRIUMPH. Everyone beaming when I walked through the door, patently having had more fun than they could shake a stick at. :)

  3. Hurrah indeed! How could Stanley not be thrilled to see you. I can only imagine the welcome you gave him was everything that is right in his world now. :)

  4. You have performed yet another service with this post, madam! All this time, I thought that quote was by Groucho Marx, saying to a veteran who lost both his legs in an explosion: "Well, losing one leg is certainly unfortunate, but I'm afraid losing both is more like carelessness." (It is a darker and more macabre version of the Oscar Wilde quote, perverted by my febrile imagination.) I am sore ashamed, but I am also most grateful to be prodded out of ignorance and towards correction by you.

    One thing Groucho did apparently say: "Just quote me as being misquoted."


  5. Hello...very pleased to hear that Stanley enjoyed his time without you. I fear my dog pines when I am away - well atleast for the first half an hour. I just watched a TV ad on another blog that made me think of you and your horses. It's an absolute american cheese-fest but speaks to the relationship between trainer and horse.
    Lou x

  6. P.S. In case the link doesn't work, it's the superbowl ad for Budwesier Clydesdales...


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