Wednesday, 20 February 2013

For which I have absolutely no explanation

Shattered after yesterday’s monumental day. I did not finish work until ten-thirty, so have no words for you.

Just one picture.

There are people who say, and I am of them, that one of the great things you can teach your horse is to lead quietly on a loose rope. If you can get the head down and relaxed, and the ears in the dopey, donkey position, so much the better.

Clearly, I also believe that if you can do whilst wearing a scarlet hat and waving at someone in the middle distance, so much the better.

20 Feb 1


  1. Why is the hat not purple? I am beginning to suspect you are quite mad enough to wear purple, but maybe not yet old enough. It'll come...

    That horse is so soft and unstressed it will dissolve into mush soon at this rate. It's lovely to see. How long is it since you climbed up on top? I haven't had a riding lesson in the winter months as it plays havoc with my joints, the cold, and I was having tremendous difficulty dismounting. My hips set like concrete. I need some deep bone-warming sunlight and then I shall have another go.

  2. Just one word for today's blog ....... fabulous!

  3. Like!!!!!


  4. Tania, have you seen this?

  5. Wow, so wish I could have done this with my Thoroughbred, sadly no one showed me how, Red is so so lucky to have you and I wish you both every happiness x

  6. That is one relaxed horse.

  7. (Insert in bubble above red cap) "OI! OI!! LOOKEE WOT I'VE FOUND! IT'S AN'ORSE WOT MATCHES ME TITFER!!!"

  8. Just .. LOL! That is the funniest, most surprising thing in a long while .. thank you for posting!


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