Thursday, 28 February 2013


My To-Do list expands exponentially. I chase after it like the dog after a stick. I am almost organised, but not quite.

I love going south to see the Beloved Cousin, and I have the great glory of Cheltenham to look forward to. All the same, I shall miss these dear faces:

28 Feb 1

28 Feb 10-002

28 Feb 2

I think he knows I am going:

28 Feb 4

28 Feb 5

28 Feb 6

28 Feb 8

But he has the finest dog-sitters in the county, and The Horse Talker will see him every day, and no doubt, at some stage, I shall give in to my most idiotic instincts and ring up on the telephone so he can hear my voice.

The horses are fine. Although I have been told that Red gets a little duchessy and cross when I am gone. But I fret slightly about my lovely Stanley, on account of his chequered past. Still, I cannot be the women who never leaves home again on account of a canine.

Spare room, all spruced up for the sitters:

28 Feb 9

28 Feb 9-001

28 Feb 10-001

28 Feb 11

This is what the daffs look like now. I wonder how far along they shall be when I get back:

28 Feb 12

And the snowdrops, which might still be going, although I fear I shall miss their pomp:

28 Feb 14

28 Feb 15


And the beloved hill:

28 Feb 10


  1. Stanley is breaking my heart...! hope you have a lovely time, you'll be missed - and not just by Stanley!

  2. Anyone would love to stay and watch your Stanley, and the lovely room is a nice bonus. They do always know when you're leaving. I think it is all the unusual activity of getting ready. We are keeping my daughter's dog here for a time (also a rescue) and whenever we are packing he is following us closely so as not to miss the car when it leaves!

  3. For a start, I'm not so sure "dog time" is the same as "people time". I could leave the house & return immediately because I'd forgotten something (like my car keys!) & the dog would act as if I'd been gone weeks.
    On another hand, Stanley IS staying in a familiar place, filled with your scent & other reminders. Your return could reinforce the fact that he is yours and vice versa; you're together for the duration.
    Just speculating....
    Have a wonderful, wonder full time!

  4. The Dog sits next to the bags and boxes as we put them near the front door as we are getting ready to pack the car. He knows the drill. Haven't left him behind for almost two years now, but then he is eleven next month, and we are in the sweetest years.

    Bon Voyage, and a safe drive to Glos.

  5. My Googly knows I am going when the suitcases come out. I am leaving next week for Melbourne and am wondering how he will cope. He is getting old and arthritic now and there wont be anyone to carry him up and down the stairs.

  6. Egads, every time I see photos of your house I want to rip mine down and start over. Beautiful!

    Stanley is pulling his very best doggie-guilt-trip, isn't he? What a cutie.

    Have a great trip! (I just typed "tripe" and almost left it in, because if you're going to have tripe, it might as well be great.)


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