Friday, 30 April 2010

Random thoughts from a broad

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I'm a little politicked out, after all that. So today it is just random musings, because it's Friday, and why not?

Here is what has been wandering through my mind today:

Would it be utter heaven to have a lovely, shiny black floor, or would you fall over every time you put your heels on and had one too many martinis?

Image via Dress, Design and Decor

(Via Dress, Design and Decor.)

Will there ever be a human being as elegant as Cary Grant?

Cary Grant

(Photograph uncredited.)

Why is it that I take so much pleasure in beautiful photographs of ordinary objects?

Logs by Mitesh Asher at Photographs for the Soul

(Logs, by Mitesh Asher at Photographs for the Soul.)

Where in the world are these glorious hills?

Rolling Hills via Pixdaus

(Hills, uncredited, via Pixdaus.)

The day I get bored with Jack Kerouac is the day that they carry me out feet first.

Kerouac via Visualize

I would love to know what Bird-in-Hand is, and why it is one mile away. Also, do let us all Use Other Door.

Signs from A Collection a Day

(From the excellent blog A Collection a Day.)

When I am an old lady, I am going to wear hats. And possibly gloves as well.

Henri Cartier Bresson 1951 avedon carmel snow marie louis bousquet

(Photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson.)

Wouldn't it be lovely if the dear old British could make matches as beautiful as the Swedes do? It surely would help to revive our ailing economy. Give the matchmakers a government grant, I say.

Matches from Dress, Design and Decor

(Matches via Dress, Design and Decor.)

I am dreaming, dreaming, of the first asparagus of the season.

Asparagus via Best Room in the House

(Via Best Room in the House.)

And I wait too, very patiently, for the first sign of blossom. Nothing yet, but I live in hope.

Blossom from La Tartine Gourmande

(Photograph by La Tartine Gourmande.)

Thank you all so much for your amazingly kind comments about yesterday's vulgar post, and for all the good wishes about the book. I cannot tell you how much it warms every last cockle of my heart.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I think (but I may well be wrong) that Bird in Hand is an Amish town.

    *has a mild swoon over Cary Grant*

    I've just treated myself to your book :) Alas we have no local bookshop to buy it from so it had to be Amazon. I've very excited for it to arrive though.

  2. Unfortunately, black floors, over which I lust, are simply an impractical dream, like Cary Grant, over which I lust more.

    And, no, there will never be anyone as elegant as Cary. I know that with great certainty and have come to terms with it, as long as I can watch his films regularly.

    And, yes, there are many days on which I wish I could use 'the other door.'


  3. Ordinary objects = particular favourites are balls of string and wooden pegs!

  4. I would fear not only falling over on the black shiny floor after a martini too many, but ruining the shinyness with my heels, with which I manage to scuff even laminate.

    There is no-one to compare to Cary Grant. Just no-one.

    I was made very happy last weekend by the emergence of blossom. I fear that it will all be gone now, for I am sitting in the dark listening to rain pounding down and pouring out of the gutters. It's just like being back in Glasgow.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

  5. Great post! I too will wear gloves and hats when I am old. It is so classic and you really can only get away with it when you grow old. The first asparagus is the best! I just love it.


  6. Lovely post I love Cary Grant. Black shiny floors, I can tell you I have a black slate floor and although not exactly shiny, it is wonderful when just cleaned.. but when you have dogs, like I know you do .. It looks a mess .. and that is all the time, especially when it rains Love those hills and the blossoms are coming .. just starting here in Wales xx

  7. The black shiny floor is stunning. Elegant is the perfect word for Cary. I will never tire of Kerouac either. Just wonderful xx

  8. beautiful pictures of everyday things-I think the Japanese term is wabi sabi. Lovely pics as always.

  9. What a delightful collection of photographs. Cary Grant had an elegance one just doesn't see anymore, how I wish we did! I already wear hats and occasionally gloves but never the two together - must rectify that.

  10. Yes I'm pretty sure Bird in Hand is an Amish town down Pennsylvania way. Just check Mr Wikipedia and it is.

  11. How gloriously kind you all are. So glad you appreciate black floors and Cary Grant. And how clever of you to know what Bird in Hand is. That's my fact for the day.

  12. Awesome blog with all my favorites. Cary, Jack, those rolling hills, photographed inanimate objects that leave one spellbound, even the black floors -- spellbinding, too -- when one is seeking to maintain equilibrium. You're fun. I smiled. Estoy contento.


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