Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sarah Meets Kate Winslet

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

And, for today's final treat, click here for Sarah's latest piece in The Times. She interviews Kate Winslet.

PS. I have just heard on the radio David Cameron saying he wants to 'put joy in people's souls'.  First of all, I want to know: has he costed that?  Second of all, how will it play in the key marginals?  But really, it's a vote-winner. Joy for everyone. You've got to love that.

PPS I also heard someone talking to Eddie Mair on PM about 'skilling people up'. Maybe the Tories should put out a policy about banning idiot neologisms. I'm all for the heavenly elasticity of the English language, but if anyone tries to skill me up, I shall give them a slap.


  1. Ah, that well known dance classic by The Prodigy, Skill My Bitch Up.

  2. Skill my bitch up most excellent joke of the day. Am laughing out loud.


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