Friday, 2 July 2010

A coo's a coo, for all that

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

And you thought yesterday was random.

Today I am feeling so preposterously goofy that all I can offer you is a picture of some cows:


Of course, these are not just any old cows, but super special Scottish coos. Look at them, with their glorious horizontal ears.


What happens is that one cow sees me and the dogs walking past, decides we are an object of enduring fascination, and approaches the fence to take a look. Then all the other cows get hysterically excited and charge over to see what is going on.  Look at the one at the back, desperate to get in on the act.


Having roared over, they then all skid to a halt, and there follows a lot of snuffling and stamping of hooves and general heavy breathing, as they wonder what happens next. I always want to go over and scratch them on the nose, but the moment I get within a foot of them, they all walk abruptly backwards, in unison, as if they had been trained at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.


Instead of nose-scratching, I decide it would be amusing to make one of the dogs pose with a long line of cows in the background. She does not think this is a good idea at all, presumably on account of the noisy group snuffling which is going on behind her. Look at her face: please, please can I get down now? The other dog, who thinks she is the Duchess of Devonshire in canine form, will have nothing to do with such a demeaning exercise.


Is it over now? Please say it is.


The dear old bovine ladies watch the dogs tear off down the avenue.


While I take one more parting shot. You can never have too many cow pictures. Actually, I can't. You probably can, and have, by now. I really do apologise. What I put you all through.


Here's a nice shot of this summer's honeysuckle fiesta, to take your mind off it.

With any luck, by tomorrow my cerebellum will have returned to some kind of higher function, and I can talk about something more sensible.

Happy Friday.


  1. Hello dear Tania,

    i love that you use the word "glorious" to describe the ears of the cows!
    I totally agree that you can not have too many pictures of them! (I live in Switzerland. Cows are everywhere.)

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Verus - so pleased you like the glorious cows. I imagine your Swiss ones are pretty splendid too.

  3. Ahh Swiss cows are lovely, all with fancy collars and cow bells and living in Alpine pastures full of wildflowers. Best butter too.

    What would be perfect would be a photo of a hairy Highland cow too.

  4. We have cows walking in our streets so thats ok by me too (the pictures I mean).


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