Saturday, 17 July 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Few words today. Today is mostly all about gazing out of the window, quietly.

I do have a question, though. I am wondering whether to change the design of the blog. Those of you who use Blogger will know there are swanky new templates available. The thing is, I quite like this old design, in the same way I liked those boxy  cars they used to make before everything had to go through a wind tunnel. Once I change it, there is no going back. This old template is dead like the dodo. The main advantage of the new versions is that I can give you much bigger photographs, which I have wanted to do for some time, mostly so you can see the canines in their full glory. (I am only half joking.) I am not sure they have the quiet elegance of this outdated design, though.

So: do I stick to the classic original and stay an analogue creature in a digital world? Or do I embrace the winds of change?

I can't decide. What do you think?

In the meantime, I give you flowers:


And trees:


And meadows:


And dogs:


Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I've consulted my flatmate who is often the last word when I face indecision and we both agree -simple, understated elegance all the way. Keep the classic template!

  2. Christina Turnbull17 July 2010 at 21:47

    I have only just started reading your blog a few days ago and am already looking forward to reading it every day from where I now find myself, in Aquitaine in a self-imposed exile of another few weeks. I truly like the cleanliness and elegance of the present template, that allows the text to be enhanced so naturally by the figurative input of your beautiful everyday pictures. Looking at them and reading about your new camera, has really led me to spend some time last night researching the right Olympus Pen for me! Did you go for the black or the white one?

  3. I like this, but if you do change you can customise the new layouts to look a lot like this.

    I even figured out how to keep the header I made myself just before the new layouts were introduced. So you can keep it simple and sleek with the new style, but I really like it now.

  4. ha, i wish I'd read your blog (and the comments) before tinkering with my blog design. God, how i've regretted it. I'm not happy with it now, but of course failed to save the classic template anywhere, which whilst dull had the virtue of being clean and unobtrusive. grrr...

  5. I like the blog as it is. Its very clear and precise and very easy to read.
    The photographs as usual are gorgeous especially the ones of the dogs.

  6. I like the blog the way it is BUT having said that, change is always fun. This is one of those win-win decisions - you either stay with the lovely template you have or you get another lovely template that has bigger photos. Both ways are good.

  7. Hi Tania - do you use blogger in draft? Or just plain blogger? The photo upload thingy in blogger in draft is better and it's easier to make 'em bigger! Just a thought... Lou x

  8. I like the elegant simplicity of the blog which means nothing gets in the way of the creativity of your writing and beautiful photography. And if you want an alternative photo display, perhaps posting to an online album (Flickr, Picasa, Jalbum etc.) and a link thereto would do the trick?

  9. I like the classic- I only changed mine because I was fiddling and now I'm not sure I can change back! but I do like the classic, especially as the colours go with the design of BIHH the book

  10. It looks good as it is.Ditto the other comments re fiddling,I made some changes then couldn't remember what exactly Id changed ..

  11. I like it. It's an antitemplate kind of template. Some blogs are template over substance .

  12. Lovely, lovely, lovely comments. Thank you so much. Consensus seems to be: don't fix it if it ain't broke. I think this is sage advice, and shall take it.

    May I also say a special, happy welcome to those of you who are new readers. I can't tell you how pleased it makes me that you found your way here, and stay to read.


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