Monday, 19 July 2010

Off sick

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Ill in bed today. There is a low grade virus going round the compound. My mother had it last week. My ears hurt; I can't think a reasonable thought; my entire body feels as if a cross Welsh Mountain pony has cantered over it. It's that kind of illness that drives one mad, because it's not really that bad. I should really butch up and carry on, but then I feel too weak and have to surrender.

Really, I think to myself: it's not pleurisy. I had that once, and it made me cry. I actually thought I was going to die, it hurt so much. Sarah had quinsy last year, which really can be fatal. Although I must say, they did know how to name a disease in the old days. Quinsy and pleurisy fall so much more beautifully on the ear than swine flu.

I lie, tossing and turning, feeling slightly like a skiver. I wonder how cross I should feel about Mad Sarah McPalin of the Clan Bonkers saying that all peace-loving Muslims should 'refudiate' a mosque being built near the site of Ground Zero. When very strange people go on saying strange enough things, I almost lose the capacity for outrage. Although I really can't quite work out why the erection of a place of worship two whole blocks away from the place where the World Trade Centre stood should 'stab' Mrs Palin in the heart. In the end, I think: refudiate is rather a splendid new word.

Hugh Sykes is reporting from Afghanistan. He is the best, most humane, most interesting reporter in the entire BBC. He is public service broadcasting in one human. I love him.

I ponder what it is all about. I always get a bit of a mortality attack when I am ill. I think: life is so short and strange, and sometimes I struggle to invest it with meaning or sense. Usually, when my mind strays into this avenue of thought, I turn my head and see this:


And this:


They lounge around on the bed like duchesses when I am under the weather, dozing, stretching, occasionally gazing at me in karmic contemplation. I think: that'll do.


  1. So sorry you're feeling below par Tania. Sometimes, in spite of ourselves, our bodies just say Whoa!

    Drown the guilt and just give in. Suggest a vat of chicken soup, a hot toddy (or three) and a square or two of very dark chocolate as medicine and your most faithful companions.

    Hopefully tomorrow will see you restored.

  2. Hugh Sykes and his lovely voice almost make up for the vileness of the dreadful Humphries.

    Get well soon.

  3. Oh and don't get me started on Sarah Palin.

  4. Your system is saying "Please let me rest, so I can put all my concentration into getting better!" Best to lie low, or these things can go on for longer. All best wishes for a quick recovery.

  5. First, let me apologize for my countryman, Sarah Palin. Of course I am in no way responsible for her, but it's an embarrassment that at her age she hasn't learned her native language. And, AND...the book finally arrived from Australia. I am going to frame the pouch in which it was delivered, for it looks as if it has had an adventure all its own. There are even recipes in back! It is going on holiday with me to visit my daughter.

  6. Sorry i'm late to this, was under the weather myself yesterday. Just wanted to say a sincere *Get well soon* and am glad to know your lovely ladies are looking after you.x

  7. Gosh sorry you are poorly! you sound like you must be quite sick if a horse cantered over you- rest up with old films


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