Friday, 30 July 2010


Posted by T Kindersley.

On way south. Plan was to blog as usual. I cannot leave you high and dry. I get to Shap and discover NO LAPTOP. Am blithering IDIOT. Have only ghastly iPhone and I hate my iPhone. So very, very sorry, there will be no blog for a week. At least the dogs are happy; they are in hog heaven with my dear mum and lovely stepfather. Meanwhile, I must deal with unexpected technology withdrawal.

Can't even leave you with a picture as 'this browser does not support Compose'. Which means text only. Load of buggery bollocks. iPhone schmiphone.

Back at desk Sat 7th.

Be well till then.


  1. I think an 'Oh Bummocks!' is called for.

    I am at once both pleased that I am not the only numpty who does something like that, and yet I also wonder if perhaps this is nature's way of enforcing a slow down.

    If so, perhaps you should gracefully give in, forgive yourself and let the world pass by. I can begin to imagine how hard that is, but maybe you need the rest.

    Hoping you have a good trip. Take care Xx

  2. I would be lost without my laptop so I feel for you. I managed to drop my iPhone on Monday night and it got RUN OVER by a cab!! You couldn't make it up. I feel bereft without that too. I've been lent a crappy Nokia by Carphone Warehouse until my new phone arrives in two weeks. I never thought I'd actually miss a phone!

    Have a fantastic week xx

  3. Isn't technology withdrawal the worst?! I definitely get it periodically when I leave my phone at home or forget my laptop.

    Have a great weekend!

    PS- The other day I was looking at my early posts and remembered when you were my first follower! I still remember exactly where I was when I saw you had followed me! It was a great day!

  4. I am still without my own computer and it is making me cranky. So I can well imagine how you feel.

    I miss the photographs - nature and specially the dogs. Those photographs calm me.

  5. have lovely time. Tech holiday can be quite refreshing- I had to have one the other week when I went to Wales and the wifi was down and there was no phone signal in the village. at the time I found it a bit maddening but felt much better for a few days off!

  6. embrace the's like leaving your phone at home by accident, annoying but strangely liberating...

  7. I posted a blog via iPhone once. It took forever and will never be repeated. Enjoy your hols.

  8. Will look forward to your return and all the things you'll have to write about.

  9. You hate your iPhone? I came here from Mrs Trefusis, thinking we would be friends, yet now I see that it could not be. I love my iPhone.

  10. Goodness gracious me. Have *hugely* missed your wonderful words and pictures this week.x


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