Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Thank you so much for incredibly kind get well wishes. Still feel mostly ropey, but the older niece and her gentleman suddenly arrived bearing THE FIRST CHANTERELLES, and if that does not make me feel better, nothing will.

My plan is: back to normal tomorrow. I can't be malingering; I have to write a book.

In the meantime, here is the newest rose in the garden:


And its fellow:


And some lavender, just because:


Really am feeling most peculiar. I think I may go and have a little lie down.


  1. The lavender - what will I give for lavender to be growing at home!

  2. I'm scrabbling to play catch-up as have been in Emmy fog for the last week or so. Do hope you're feeling better - I tend to throw myself into illnesses, making sure to spend as much time in bed as possible. For some reason, when I do feel able to face the world, I'm completely better. Please take care of yourself and let your body dictate how much you can do, no "coming over all sweaty" from too much exertion. xxxx

  3. Now don't go overdoing it. I found myself this morning actually wondering what it might be like to lay in bed as an infirm and just read books or watch trashy TV. It sounded alluring. Are you sure you want to get up?! Of course I snapped out of it and went to load the dishwasher ;-) Lou x

  4. Good Morning Tania

    Hopefully the lurgy is leaving and the Chantarelles worked their magic.

    Me thinks a trip to the woods may be in order. I am thinking wiped and sliced, pan of melted butter, garlic and fresh thyme, maybe a dash of dry sherry and a tspn of cream if in a naughty mood. Piled onto some toasted seeded bread.

    Making me feel better.

    Much love. I have been dipping and out of BiHH and find myself nodding and smiling sagely almost all the time. Brilliant - looking forward to next March - No pressure!


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