Thursday, 14 October 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Still afflicted with horrid low grade virus which is raging around the compound. All I do is stump downstairs in my dressing gown, make chicken soup, eat chicken soup, go back to bed, stump down again, like a furious old lady, make ginger tea, drink ginger tea, go back to bed. Luckily, my heavenly stepfather comes and walks the dogs, which he very politely gives the impression of vastly enjoying. (He has the most perfect manners.)

Bored now after two days of not being well. I am contemplating a hot toddy laced with good Scotch whisky, on the kill or cure principle. Very much afraid it will be kill though, and then what? Still, every single part of my body hurts, so I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

Luckily, the old ladies rather love an excuse to lounge about on the bed all day. They have been most diverted by watching all the happy Chilean miners shoot to freedom in that special pod. And they give me a little kiss on the nose if I am looking too doleful. What more could a girl ask?



  1. Hope you feel better very soon. Ginger tea is tops.

  2. Do hope you feel better soon. Thankfully you have those gorgeous gals to look after you. Take best care x

  3. So very kind of you both. Really must butch up and stop complaining. x

  4. Dear lovely, drink the damn whisky all that stomping is very bad for the soul and wafting away on a little cloud of self induced inebriation can be most soothing.......

  5. Dear Tania, I haven't been ill for years since my doctor told me only to medicate with soluble paracetamol. Dissolve two large (1000mg) in a pint of water, repeat two hours later. I know it sounds too simple but it has worked on everything I've had. And have a whisky if you fancy it. I hope you feel better very soon xx

  6. Me TOO! Maybe the same virus has migrated from Scotland to Australia. Like you, dosing myself up with chicken soup, echinacea, honey lemon ginger tea (is that the same as ginger tea? How do you make your ginger tea?)

  7. The stomping is an essential part of the treatment. If you can add low-grade muttering too, I find that helps... Get well soon. Anna

  8. Dear Tania

    Commiserations. And instructions. Yes, to the whisky – if that’s what takes your fancy. And whatever other naughty but niceties that might come your way. Likewise too for complaining. It actually should be prescribed rather than proscribed. A good old whingey moan certainly makes me feel better.
    Thank goodness you have lots of love and support around, including your dear doggies. Don’t fight the messages from your body. Rest, restore and revive back to full health.

    Wow Christina. That’s a radical thinking Doctor. Bet he’s popular with the BigPharma!

  9. Such lovely get well comments; THANK YOU. You are like a wonderful bunch of doctors with the best bedside manner. :)


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