Saturday, 23 October 2010

The loveliness

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The younger niece is home for half term, so all is joy and delight. She has the trick of bringing sunshine with her whenever she enters a room. Since the actual sun is also blasting down out of a blue autumn sky, there is an embarrassment of riches.

The particular loveliness of the niece is that she instinctively sees the good and wonderful in every person and every thing. Her first exclamations are always of the most positive kind. 'Oh I love your house,' she says, as if she had just walked into Chatsworth. It always reminds me of the Radletts arriving at Fanny's house in Love in a Cold Climate: the exclaiming. 'Look how beautiful the dogs are,' she says. 'I love those pictures, I love that photograph, I love your food.'

She is an exceptionally nice human. Niceness, as we all know, is an oddly hard trick to pull off. It can be bland, or dull, or grating, or infuriating. There are those terrible fake nicers, who put on their good humour like a hat, when you know that all the time they would like to stamp on your foot. The danger of the false note is ever present. Much easier, in some ways, to be sceptical and cynical and bitchy and even a little bitter.

With the niece, the niceness just radiates out of her, like starlight, natural and unforced. It leaves a smile on your face for hours after she has left.

Witness the loveliness:


23rd Oct 6



In the interests of balance, here is the older niece, in all her equal loveliness:



And of course the lovely canines:

23rd Oct 1

23rd Oct 8

And here I am, the old aunt, this morning, at my desk:

23rd October 12

I hope you are having a glorious weekend.


  1. You can she how both your nieces are just lovely ... their beauty is truly reflective of an inner beauty.

    Now if we could just bottle such sincere and wonderful goodness what a wonderful world this would be for all!!! Privileged are those who are fortunate to have in their lives wonderful people such as your nieces.

    Your doggies are wonderful.. I love their disticnt personalities that shines in their expression.

    OLD !!! Not OLD at all ... you are wise!!! I may not always comment but I do read often!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week-end.. HHL

  2. What lovely words about your niece - she looks wonderful too - just as your description implies. I love the picture of you too...exactly how I imagine you. Lou x

  3. Your nieces are lovely. Your dogs always bring a smile to my face. I especially love the doggie grin in the first photo.

  4. Thanks for such a newsy post, gorgeous photographs. Its turned chilly again here in Melbourne.
    Btw why the old Aunt, you are not old at all!!


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