Thursday, 21 October 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Good news. It turns out the Share button does work, although it only puts up a link. I had rather hoped it might copy the entire page onto the blog. Also it rather naughtily brags about how it comes from the Google Toolbar. The Google toolbar is a wonderful thing, and I am entirely dependent on it. From it, I can check my Google Reader, read the BBC news, bookmark articles I need for my work, translate a page, autofill boring forms, and now, it turns out, share vitally interesting things with you via the blog.

There is one thing about it I do not understand. It does not work with Google Chrome, which everyone says is a good browser. Google is making me choose. Why would they do something so cruel? I thought they were devoted to doing good. Silly people. As it is, I choose the toolbar, and stick with Firefox, which, for some reason, I admire but do not love.

Message for my mother: Don't worry Mum, that's the end of the obscure technical interweb talk.

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