Thursday, 21 October 2010

In which it turns out I may be posting more links than usual

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Another for those of you interested in American politics: the magnificent Rachel Maddow in full flow. What she has to say is shocking on about eight different levels.

Rachel Maddow: Media adopt Republican narratives for midterms


  1. I'm stunned, this woman is magnificent why isn't she writing Obamas speeches she has a clarity and a passion that seems to be lacking in his mid term addresses.

    Is this televised or only on the net?

  2. Anon - I so agree. I adore Rachel Maddow and she goes from strength to strength. You can see all her programmes, and some other interesting ones from a man called Keith Olbermann, who is rather more bombastic, but equally fascinating, at Go to the TV section, and there it all is. I watch these American political shows every day on my computer, marvelling at the miracle of technology which allows me to do that all the way from the north of Scotland.

    (If you are in America, of course, you can watch it on cable television.)


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