Sunday, 24 October 2010

Quick Visual Interlude

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

You know I do not usually blog on a Sunday, but I have discovered a marvellous new facility in my photograph software. It is called Tint, and you can bleach the colour out of a photograph and then slowly filter it back, so that you end up with a thrilling vintage effect. I think it makes it look as if all these photographs were taken in 1962. Usually I like my photographs singing and vivid, and if the light or the colours feel flat, my tendency is to increase the contrast so that edges are sharpened and shadows deepened. This does quite the opposite. It quiets everything down, so that we are in the land of subtlety and nuance. It is perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

See what you think:

24th Oct 6

24th Oct 1

24th Oct 9

24th Oct 10

24th Oct 11

24th Oct 13

24th Oct 3

24th Oct 5

24th Oct 14


  1. I think you have described it perfectly - these are Sunday afternoon pictures. I tedn to do the same as you, and ramp the exposure and saturation right up, but it is good to remember that muted things are often much mroe beautiful.

  2. The effect reminds me of faded kodachrome, very reminiscent of 60s photos. It would be lovely if we were all as web-savvy as you. It took me 48 hours to put one photo onto Facebook and here you deploy attractive, sometimes elegiac, photographs nearly every day!

  3. These are lovely .. I especially loved the one of the rose .. it made it look more magical than a rose photo usually is. And of course the furbabies...

    What software do you use?
    xo HHL

  4. Lovely - works especially well with the dogs, I think.

  5. Oh, I LOVE playing around with photos. I must confess I never really saw the appeal of tint before, but now I think your macro photos work really well with it. My faves are the first, third and fourth.

  6. Penny - I am rather pleased to have rediscovered the joys of the muted.

    Colby - Thank you so much. I am greatly helped by the miracle which is Windows Live Writer, which does make putting things up on the blog very easy. So agree about the Kodachrome.

    HHL - how very kind you are. It's Picasa; you can download it for free, and I think it is genius.

    She Means Well - thank you so much.

    Oana - you are kind. I rather love the first one too. I am very fond of my funny old mint.

  7. I dont like the effect on the rose and I think its lavender (not sure) as its too muted for me. Just me that is. Like your other pictures though

  8. They do look exactly as if they were taken in the 60s. I think I rather prefer the usual, more vibrant ones, though.

    I made the pea soup last night - and served it with some delicious fried smoked bacon lardons thrown in at the end. It was fabulous, despite not having proper stock (living in France I can't even get Marigold and amn't quite sure what to do for stock that doesn't require planning ahead but is still decent quality) and I shall doubtless make it again. So thank you for posting it!


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