Friday, 13 May 2011

Ah ah ah

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Some of you will know that Blogger has been crashed for the last 24 hours. It has eaten my Quince Jelly post from yesterday, and the lovely comments that went along with it. It may be because my brain is not working and I am shattered from writing sad letters all day, but this makes me inordinately furious and sad. I have no clue how to retrieve the thing; it is as if it never existed. I know this is one of the technological glitches that sometimes happens, but I am taking it personally.

People of Blogger: please give me my post back.

Dear Readers: I apologise for the interruption to normal service.


  1. The text of your post is showing up in my google reader, so perhaps you can at least get the text of that, if not the comments, back. Let one of the readers know if you need the text of the post back, and we can copy and paste for you!

  2. What a shame, it was a wonderful post, I do hope you can recover it. Jude x

  3. I have copied and pasted the text of the post out of google reader, and can send it to you if you like, but sadly don't seem to be able to get the comments. How irksome.

    Am still thinking of you, just so you know.

  4. Please tell us again about the quince jelly. Also, about the lovely reader who did something wonderful and was swallowed up by blogger before you could explain.


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