Tuesday, 24 May 2011

An ordinary day

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

There are wild gales all night, and equally wild insomnia. My boiler is broken and the house is so cold that I cannot sleep for shivering, even with the Pigeon bravely doing duty as hot water bottle.

In the morning, I stare with my spacey eyes at the fallen branches and ripped-off foliage which is littering the grass, as if cast about by some childish giant.

The Older Niece calls, and the Lovely Stepfather. They are filled with kindness. I speak to The Sister, who has opened a shop while I was away. It seems to be a great success. We talk for a moment about our father. We miss him.

I make spicy food, with lots of chilli and garlic and mint from the garden. I contemplate taking my library books back and decide that it is too great a task.

On the news, voices talk of President Obama and the Queen and the ash cloud in Iceland. Someone is very cross with the French, but I can't quite work out why.

I think: come on, normality, come back to me.


Pictures of the day are of all the things in the garden which have been growing while I was in the south:

24 May 1

24 May 2

24 May 3

24 May 5

24 May 6

24 May 9

There has not been a photograph of the wall for far too long:

24 May 10

The sun on the trees:

24 May 11

The sheep and the coos:

24 May 13

I got the focus on this all wrong; the sun was shining in my eyes and I just pointed and hoped. But I rather love it anyway. Even all blurry, The Pigeon still looks quite beautiful:

24 May 12

The hill:

24 May 14

Oh, and one more thing. There is one tremendous piece of GOOD NEWS. One of the dearest and most loyal of all the Dear Readers is HAVING A BABY. There are certain strict people who say that you should never, ever use capital letters if you want to be considered a serious writer. I agree with them in theory. But there are some things which are too important to go into lower case and this is one of them. It is a real life going on thing, and a lovely moment of joy. So here is to you, Anne. Bloody marvellous. I wish you all loveliness and delight.


  1. What a dreadfully rough time you are having to endure. Life is just so damn unfair at times.


  2. Wishing you warmer days and nights, in all ways...


    Bird x

  3. Oh my goodness me....!
    Thank you so very very much for your happiness and glorious CAPITAL LETTERS :) I'm soo incredibly touched Tania, really, as is the husband; Such kindness and warmth.I feel quite overwhelmed....
    I must also extend great thanks to your dear readers for their congratulations - Pat (in Belgium), Cristina, LouBoo and Bird in the bush...
    Such kind, sweet, caring people.
    I feel so honoured to be a tiny part of your blog brethren.

    All love from me and the pumpkin - due on Halloween :)

  4. Lovely pictures. I hope being home again brings some peace. The Pigeon looks so comfortable in the sun.
    And CONGRATULATIONS to Anne! All good news should be in capitals.

  5. Oh, see, there is happy sent with the sad. (Stop me before I say "the circle of life.") Things grow, people laugh. When you hurt, it can seem almost cruel, but it's real, reminders of the way we keep moving forward. Slowly at first but moving.

  6. As for the CAPITAL LETTERS, I regard them much as Michael Flanders regarded 'all these four-letter words. If they all come into general use, we'll have nothing left for special occasions'. A BABY is a special occasion (congratulations, stripeycat!): and so is a small breath of happiness in such difficult times for you.

  7. I hope Anne's good news (congratulations!) is just the beginning of many happy events to come, a return to the normality that you long for and deserve. It looked blustery on your hill photo! x

  8. Babies bring good luck. Congratulations to Anne. I agree with Deb: I hope this is the beginning of some lovely things in your life. Meanwhile, you seem to be doing all the right things. Be kind to yourself. Sending love, bw

  9. Kindest thanks to more of the dear readers and their sweet comments - still so so touched by my mention and all of your happy thoughts.


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