Saturday, 28 May 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Sorry about radio silence yesterday. The day got away from me like a loose horse.

The nieces came, and the Man in the Hat. I made chicken soup and broad bean salad with feta cheese. I cooked and cooked. I thought: if I can feed my family then all manner of things shall be well.

Today, the sun shone. The wind blew. The sheep and cows grazed the green grass. The Younger Niece and I went for a walk, and talked of the past.

I used to be dismissive of family. All that blood being thicker than water; yada yada yada. It's a lot of reactionary nonsense, I used to think. Now, I fold myself inside the family, to feel safe. It is where I do not have to prove anything, or explain anything.

Also, they make me laugh.

The laughter is still a bit ragged. It comes out in sudden, too loud bursts, as if shot from the stomach. But it is laughter, and I do not take that for granted for a single moment.

Light and shade, I think; I must not forget that the two can co-exist.


The tremendous news is that I found the camera cable. My eye is out a bit, so the pictures are not marvellously good. Here are the flowers I arranged for the nieces' visit:

28th May 1

28th May 2-1

28th May 3

28th May 4

This is what we saw on our walk:

28th May 1.ORF

28th May 2

28th May 9

28th May 6-1

28th May 9-1

28th May 5

28th May 6

28th May 7

The Pigeon:

28th May 10

The hill:

28th May 11

Lovely comments on Thursday, so kind and wise. Thank you for them all.


  1. Chloreplast@yahoo.com28 May 2011 at 18:08

    Tania, today I added to Thursday's comments. I forgot to say that yours blog is the first blog I read but only every few days as my working hours are variable. Your doggy pictures are full of love and the odd "rants" are priceless.

  2. Lovely photographs, as always (nothing wrong with your 'eye', believe me); but then I got to the photo of the Pigeon, looking so sad, and the heart filled up again. Much love to you both.

  3. Colby Kavanagh28 May 2011 at 23:54

    Light and shade. Space and negative space. We can get a bit too philosophical about needing contrast, as if that somehow makes the terrible losses you've suffered necessary instead of just awful. But, as you say, the two can co-exist and that co-existence keeps us sane in the face of difficulty. Your posts of the last month have been astonishing in their beauty and honesty.

  4. I think about you everyday and send you so much love at this very day-by-day time. xxx

  5. What So Lovely said. And then some.

  6. Gorgeous photographs - our internet connection was down and still down. Blessings to you and Pigeon.


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