Sunday, 9 October 2011

Esprit d'escalier

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Oh, there were things I was going to tell you. They rattled about in my head all day. They involved: Einstein, mortality, the dream theory of Carl Jung, the significance of the number 28, the surprising stages of grief, the complexities of memory, my aunt Tessa, and one other thing I can't now remember.

And now, there is only a faint trace memory of all those coruscating sentences that were going to illuminate your Sunday evening. It's a sort of esprit d'escalier in reverse.

I do apologise. Now it is getting late, and I am tired, and my poor old crocked brain is begging for mercy, and the fingers are slowly, slowly, forgetting how to type. I squint at the screen and think, like a cross old major-general: what, what?

I'll tell you what though. That Pigeon was on dazzling form today, taking sweetness to hitherto unperceived levels. I cannot help but suspect that sometimes she knows I am a little stressed and strained, and so thinks up special diversions to delight me. Today's included: comical rolling, cartoon faces, antic leaping, fast running, and her usual majestic ball action.

I think to myself: What did I do, before that dog?


Now for the pictures.

Here is what the sheep, leaves, trees, flowers, lichen, moss, Pigeon and hill looked like today:

9 Oct 2

9 Oct 3

9 Oct 4

9 Oct 5

9 Oct 6

9 Oct 7

9 Oct 9

9 Oct 10.ORF

9 Oct 11

9 Oct 11-1

9 Oct 12

9 Oct 13

9 Oct 14

9 Oct 15

9 Oct 18

9 Oct 20.ORF

9 Oct 22


  1. She's looking particularly twinkly eyed today.

  2. Oh, that face! She is just gorgeous.

    Hope your editing is coming along without completely doing your head in. In awe of your output and I can't wait to read it. Yay!(I'm doing a little cheerleading cheer from all the way over here. Not pretty but very heartfelt.)

  3. Lucille - so lovely that you appreciate the twinkly eyes. They really do make my day.

    Em - that is the nicest thing to say. The thought of distant cheerleading is absolutely delightful, and makes me smile a lot. Thank you.

  4. I would LOVE to know how the French got from a fire escape to an after thought (my all too average American education is showing here!)...

  5. Re: 28.... been watching Jim Carrey movies lately?


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