Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Slight change of plan

Posted by Tania Kindersley.


I was going to write you a lovely little shaggy dog story, about me and competitive streak. What could possibly have been more fascinating?

Lucky for you, it is 5.45pm and I have run out of steam.

I was supposed to be doing Things Other Than Work this afternoon, so I could start the big edit tomorrow with clean eyes. But even the massive displacement activity of redesigning the blog could not entirely keep me from doing a bit of book. I kept away from the manuscript, and did some mild quotation wrangling instead. It’s always quite diverting to illustrate one’s thinking with pithy quotes from famous people. (The only problem comes when they make my point much more cleverly and funnily that I have. But still, good for humility.)

I have collected a lovely little clutch from Oscar Wilde, Dante, Roald Dahl, George Bernard Shaw, and the wonderful Hedy Lamarr. We featured her in Backwards because not only did she start her film career by running naked through a forest, but she also invented a technology which is partly responsible for making your Wi-Fi work today. That’s the kind of juxtaposition that tickles me. I was reminded today of all the interesting things she said, including the perennial cherry: ‘Any girl can look glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.’

Now I am thinking I might just read a quick book on the Victorian woman before bed.

So the fingers have no energy for typing any story, shaggy dog or not. I am sorry about that. But it might be for the best.


Some quick pictures of the day:

The colours this morning were astounding. Here, a bright shaft of sun, coming out of a black sky:

5 Oct 5

5 Oct 6

The elegant sheep:

5 Oct 8

Moss and lichen:

5 Oct 8-1

5 Oct 12

Rowan tree:

5 Oct 9

The hill, from a wider angle than usual:

5 Oct 13

Dog of the Older Niece and the Man in the Hat, who is staying, having fun with her stick:

5 Oct 18.ORF

Pigeon, all gracious and moody in black and white:

5 Oct 19

And oh, the blinky eyes. THE BLINKY EYES:

5 Oct 20

Today's hill:

5 Oct 22

A faint thought is scratching in the back of my mind. Something happened today, apart from the latest portents of another banking crisis. What was it? Oh yes, the Prime Minister gave his big conference speech. He exhorted Ordinary Decent Britons to call on the famous bulldog spirit. So that is exactly what I am going to do.

But that was not quite it, either. What, what, what? Something really important, which is not being mentioned on the news.

I've got it. He came out, forgive the pun, unequivocally in favour of gay marriage. This will not make headlines, but I think it is HUGE. Big enough for naughty capital letters. A Conservative prime minister, publicly stating his support for gay marriage, not in spite of, but because of, his very conservatism. (Interestingly, this has always been Andrew Sullivan's argument, over at The Dish.) I think this is a miraculous cultural shift of the highest order, and if I weren't so tired I would do a little dance.


  1. First, sorry to the other readers for hogging this space.
    Velká Pardubická steeplechase will be streamed online here The extended coverage starts on ct4 (channel selection at top of the page) at 11:24 CET, the main programme is from 14:20 CET on ct1 and the big race is off at 16:25 CET. Coursewalk plus footage of VP2008 in English: And here the legend Zeleznik still wins after a fall at 4:40 (this also shows the old Taxis before they made some of the jumps softer). Hope they all make it home safe this year. Enjoy!

  2. Yes, stupendous wonderful news that gives me Hope.
    And your new design looks fabulous. Almost as fabulous as that darling blinky face xx

  3. Love the new design, especially the little bouquets that appear first. Also, the 'reaction' tabs are a great idea. I pop into your blog every day, first one I look at, and it will be nice to leave some sort of 'Hello'.

  4. WOW! Very chic...for a split second I thought I'd hit the wrong key.
    Took me a few seconds to find the "reaction tabs" (DOH! as Homer Simpson would say...)
    I really like this new look...and LOVE Pigeon's "blinky eyes".

  5. Lovely comments; thank you so much. Esp pleased about Pardubicka link.

  6. Okay, that first comment has me completely confused. However, I'm used to that sensation, so onward!

    Blinky face. ADORE.

    Elegant sheep? How ever did you find those? I never thought of them that way until this photo, which proves it beyond a doubt.

    Yay Prime Minister. It has always baffled me that anyone should have a say over who someone else loves and lives. It's sad that we have to get excited because the government has finally decided to "allow" something they never should have been involved with in the first place.

    The rowan trees? Why, thank you very much for my new October computer wallpaper!

  7. Marcheline - don't worry, it's a link to a famous horse race. So glad you like the chic sheep and the little rowans.


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