Saturday, 22 October 2011

Quick Day

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Listened to the news.
Got bored by the dull panellists on Any Questions.
Watched the racing. Shouted. Pigeon barked madly, as is tradition.
Made a beef stew.
Went to the village for errands.
Read a poem by Dylan Thomas.
Listened to a radio play by Raymond Chandler.
Had a sudden desire to buy all of Chandler's novels in the old Penguin editions.
Wondered what life was like on Fair Isle.
Threw the ball for an ecstatic dog.
Felt cold. It is eleven degrees. I think: what shall I do when it is minus eleven? Time to get all butched up for winter.
Spoke to my mother. We discussed equine bloodlines, and whether the New Russians will ever get into racing.
Thought about TE Lawrence, for no particular reason.
That's about it.

And now for your pictures:

PS. When I said yesterday that aliens had landed in Brazil, I did not of course mean that to be true. It's just that certain of the more hysterical newspapers were reporting it as if it were actual fact. They even got a special alien lifeform 'expert' to comment. He said that this kind of thing happens in Brazil the whole time, the  Brazilian government even has some kind of aliens have landed programme with the military and all sorts. I know one should keep an open mind and things, but humans have had 150,000 odd years to spot a visiting extra-terrestrial. Don't you think someone would have some definitive proof to show by now? 


  1. Beautiful pictures. (Yes, I'm procrastinating on doing anything constructive). RE the aliens: Mind Control? (I'm easily amused...there was a time in my life when people, upon learning that I am Egyptian, would say "oooh, yes and aliens built the pyramids" or some variant thereof). So if they built the pyramids, why not land in Brazil?

  2. CatherineMarie - had quite forgotten that aliens built the pyramids. Is there anything they cannot do? :)

  3. I love this listed updated opening :) I listened to the Raymond Chandler too - on Radio 4, of course.
    'They' tell you to play music to the baby whilst in the womb - and then use said music to soothe them when they come into the world, so in our case that's Sailing by, The shipping forecast, In our time, Gardeners question time, The news quiz, Today and The Archers then....(!)

  4. everything is looking so autumnal. Did you say ELEVEN degrees? yikes, I am a true Texan for that scares me to no end. It was a beautiful 86 here on the Gulf Coast for the weekend. love your pics as always.


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