Monday, 24 October 2011

Not much today

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

So sorry. Feeling rather seedy. That annoying thing where one is not properly sick but just scratchy and aching and generally off colour. If I were a horse, you would say I was not 'well in myself', a great equine expression that expresses the mystery of horses.

It may be a side order of fret. After all that rush and scramble, the book has not yet been read. This is quite par for the course; it is what happens. I am getting on with other projects. My friend The Photographer and I are pitching like all get out. There is plenty of news to occupy my mind. There is genuine tragedy in Turkey. My own small worries are, properly, small.

I throw the ball for The Pigeon. She is highly delighted. There were gales last night, which came and stripped almost all the scarlet leaves from the rowan trees, so they now look bare, and rather shy. Yet the shrub roses and the hydrangeas still flower; there are nodding violas, and even a brave little lavender.

I think: come on, come on. Sharpen up and concentrate. I always say that to myself. Some days I am better at it than others.


Pictures of the day:

24 Oct 1

24 Oct 2.ORF

24 Oct 3

24 Oct 5

24 Oct 7

24 Oct 9

24 Oct 10


24 Oct 11

Hill, hiding in the dreich:

24 Oct 12


  1. Did it get light today? I'm sure that the dreichness didn't help. I had to get up and go into Fundee, the Tay was grey like the day but windswept with fluffy white tufts like a female roe deer.

  2. If your best friend (or the Pigeon) were to feel "scratchy and aching and generally off colour", would you tell them to "sharpen up and concentrate"? I think you'd be there with love and one of your wonderful soups. Or a stick, as appropriate. You deserve these things.

  3. Oh, I am sorry you are not feeling well. I know how you are feeling. I feel like that myself just now, but I have a presentation to give at work tomorrow (not a big, important one - but I want to do well) and I have been making notes. I thought I would check your blog for some words and lovely pictures to cheer me up.
    The Pigeon photograph made me smile!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. No wonder you're feeling a bit run-down after that big final hurtle to the deadline... afterwards must always feel a bit of an anticlimax. Cassie, as always, has the right words. Take care.


    Bundle up, have a spiked warm drink. I find mt body most vulnerable at season's change, particularly autumn to winter when everything feels invaded by damp.

    Wondering: did you abandon your idea of getting away?

  6. Such lovely comments, thank you. Feeling much better today. :)


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