Thursday, 20 October 2011

Friends, plans, and no news

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The Beloved Cousin calls.

'How are you?' she says.

'Grumpy as hell,' I say.

The Pigeon looks up, enquiringly. Either she is curious about my mood, or she is wondering whether we are to go up the beech avenue. In the end, we go to see the sheep.

And here is the miracle of the thing. I was grumpy as hell. I slept badly and am fretting over book verdict. But after forty minutes of cousinly conversation, I was happy as a lark.

The Beloved Cousin is a miracle person, I think. Imagine having that capacity. It's a real, magical thing.

Then I come inside and find my friend The Photographer has sent me an email with a huge, fat compliment in it. He does not need to do that. We have been friends for twenty-six years, from the days when he had a green Mohican and lived on a barge. He knows I love him. So it made me smile even more.

Perhaps that should be something that everyone should do, I think, a little fey: pay someone a random compliment each day.

Despite the week off, I seem to have written two proposals for new projects. Another lives in my head. I turn it round in my mind, watching how the light catches it.

And, despite my days of leisure, I still seem to have missed the news. I think that Colonel Gaddafi is dead. That seems like very big news. Oddly, I am not sure what to make of it. (I think, I think I prefer my dictators tried and imprisoned and stripped of power, but I suppose it's not really up to me to choose.) 

I think: I really must sharpen my wits and concentrate. That is what I shall do tomorrow.


Some quick pictures, as it is getting late:

20 Oct 1

20 Oct 2.ORF

20 Oct 3

20 Oct 4.ORF

20 Oct 9

20 Oct 10

20 Oct 11.ORF


  1. I hope this works - third time lucky! I LOVE your daily posts: you are my friend, coffee mug in hand, across my kitchen table, dogs at feet. Having just started blogging, and writing, to save my sanity (or whatever's left of it) I am amazed to have discovered how familiar you are, how old a friend.

  2. ...i am in awe of your work rate even when resting - 2 proposals written and 1 in your head. not to mention the book! i'll just slug on here, sluggishly...

  3. Agreed! Your work rate is incredible. Can't wait to hear what happens next. xx

  4. You are working hard and you are not grumpy! even grumpy you manage the posts incredibly well, bringing so much laughter to so many lives.

    Just imagine you there, me in hot humid Sri Lanka reading your posts at 6 30 am and starting the day with a smile. That alone is something.

  5. apeandangel - welcome! And hope you enjoy the world of blogging as much as I do. :)

    Anon - is mostly result of much too much coffee, and slight mania in the head. :)

    Em - you are always so kind and supportive; thank you.

    Mystica - that is such a very lovely thing to say, it makes ME smile. Love the thought of the joy spreading from Scotland to Sri Lanka and back, even when there is a hint of grumpiness in the air. Thank you.


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