Monday, 28 November 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Away for 36 hours, so forgive lack of blog. I have to leave my Pigeon, which is almost killing me. I scold myself for lack of proportion. There are, literally, metaphorically, figuratively, worse things happening in Chad. I have become one of those women who never leave their dogs. (Men must do it too, but they keep quieter about it. Or something.) When I was young and ruthless I laughed at those dog people. Now I look into The Pigeon's eyes, which are now limpidly gazing back into mine, with a slight question mark, and wonder if I should just CANCEL EVERYTHING.

Admit, if you had to part from this face, you might think twice:

28 Nov 1 27-11-2011 16-52-35

Some foolish man said yesterday she looked old. Old, schmold. (It's still making me cross, even thinking about it.)

Running for the train now.


  1. I am also one of Those People who never leaves my dog. Certainly nothing to apologize for, especially when they're in their twilight years. Luckily there are now so many more places that welcome our furry family members. However, sometimes it is just not possible.

  2. Not old. Magnificent!

  3. Perhaps young Pigeon will know that her etheric minders are looking after her.

  4. What nonsense. Lately I have been thinking how very sprightly, energetic and well Miss Pidge has been looking.


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