Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The world stock markets shiver and teeter on the brink of catastrophe. Greece is about to do something they do not like. (I always wonder about Greece: how did anyone allow it to get this bad? Wasn't there someone, some nice lady in accounts, some observant fellow in the Department of Works, who said, before it became world-crashing, hold on a second chaps, there's something a bit dodgy here. With these numbers.) Good news in Ireland though, where they have found three billion euros down the back of the sofa. I put it down to the magic of Michael D, already working.

The Pigeon and I can do nothing about the coming collapse, so we go and look at the autumn colours. I do a little tour, up over the hills and back again. The sun dazzles and dances. The coos contentedly eat their food, which their kind farmer has put out, on the shaven fields, and observe me with interest. They have no clue what to do about Greece, either. I suspect they are just as worried about Italy.

This is what it looked like:

1 Nov 1 01-11-2011 16-40-29

1 Nov 6 01-11-2011 16-56-58

1 Nov 6 01-11-2011 16-57-01

1 Nov 8 01-11-2011 16-57-12

I love the farmland round here. I love the patchwork fields and the dry stone walls. I feel an odd pride that our cows provide some of the very best beef in the world.

1 Nov 2 01-11-2011 16-40-58

1 Nov 3 01-11-2011 16-41-02

1 Nov 4 01-11-2011 16-41-29

1 Nov 5 01-11-2011 16-56-39

1 Nov 9 01-11-2011 16-57-22

1 Nov 10 01-11-2011 16-57-35

The road home:

1 Nov 11 01-11-2011 16-58-12

The Pigeon:

1 Nov 18 01-11-2011 16-06-10

It was dark when I got back. By five o'clock, the sky is the colour of indigo and the moon is up:

1 Nov 21 01-11-2011 18-06-31.ORF

From my back door, I can see the evening star:

1 Nov 20 01-11-2011 18-06-49

And the hill, from earlier in the day:

1 Nov 22 01-11-2011 16-18-28


  1. Wow - especially gorgeous pictures today. The typical New England autumn beauty was pretty short-lived this year. We seemed to go straight from warm and muggy to winter wonderland. It's been a strange year.

    As for those numbers, I keep trying to avert my eyes. I ask questions that have no good answer, and I have no control over any of it.

  2. Mary - so glad you liked the pictures. I have always wanted to see a New England fall. But we are getting a pretty spectacular show this year in dear old Scotland.

  3. What a beautiful walk. The landscape (and Pigeon) is just stunning xx

  4. Magical night images. And the extraordinarily beautiful side profile of the Pigeon (what is it about that particular angle? it just melts me).

    And yes - I think this may be a time of hold on and ride the waves, economy-wise. Horrid stuff.

  5. Tania ~ Maybe it's just me, but your other site doesn't seem to be taking comments. You've been posting some really wonderful stuff there.

    But since I'm here, may I chime in to say that the pictures today are stunning---and it's not just the Pigeon (who is always . . . well, words fail me; anything I would say would sound gushy, but in her case, all those words are true). ;-)


  6. Oh... I agree with Mary. I always enjoy your photographs, but today's are especially wonderful. That patchwork, with its autumnal colours; superb.

    When are you going to put some of your (our) favourites in a book?

    (You could even use one of those self-publish jobbies, like blurb.com, as I do for things like baptisms and theatre performances.) Then you've no worries about how many copies we will buy - although we would. Yes, we would.

  7. Em - you are so kind. Thank you.

    Erika - I can only agree about the noble profile. :)

    Bird - gushing about the Pigeon makes me happier than almost anything. As for the other site, you are so kind to go there. I have checked the comments box, and it seems to be working, so I really hope that was only a temporary glitch.

    Cassie - you are always so lovely; perhaps one day I might do a limited edition for the dear readers. I always worry my pictures are rather amateurish, so you are very kind to suggest such a thing. And meant to say: thank you so much for the shout-out on Facebook the other day. Very, very kind.

  8. Thank you for the pictures. Greece and Ireland seem so far away though it will effect us soon. Everything seems to effect everyone these days.

  9. Wonderful pictures. I think I need to go back to Scotland soon. But hopefully time in the Rocky mountians will suffice.

  10. images of pure splendor, Pigeon included of course


    liz from Paris

    ps. I love the word splendor which I find very fitting in this case but I find it more beautiful spelt the American way...maybe because the English word contains dour which has nothing to do in here.

  11. Mystica - so agree about the interconnected thing, which seems sometimes marvellous in a global village way, and sometimes rather terrifying in a house of cards way.

    Siobhan - Rocky Mountains sound wonderful.

    Liz - love yr meditation on splendor. Normally I get slightly shirty about missing Us, but in this case I think you might be right.


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