Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mostly visual

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

So there I had it, all planned, written out in my head in limpid prose, the perfect meditation on friendship which I promised you yesterday. Oh, it was going to be a dilly.

But sometimes one must admit to weakness, although it is a thing I hate to do. I am just too tired. My poor old fingers will hardly type; my brain has gone to mush. I squint hopelessly through my slightly smeared spectacles and search for words, and there are none left.

So there are just some slightly random pictures from the last week or so. At least you may have something colourful on which to gaze:

24 Nov 1 19-11-2011 16-56-08

24 Nov 2 19-11-2011 16-58-00

24 Nov 3 19-11-2011 17-02-06

24 Nov 5 19-11-2011 17-03-44

That last one is the miraculous chard, in the Cousin's amazing vegetable garden.

24 Nov 8 13-11-2011 16-10-23

24 Nov 9 13-11-2011 16-07-54

And The Pigeon, of course, who makes up for a lack of prose with her immaculate serious face:

24 Nov 6 15-11-2011 19-07-03

24 Nov 11 11-11-2011 14-54-33

And just one final thought, before my cerebellum switches itself off – the kindness of yesterday's comments was a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Thank you.


  1. Hello Tania - I wanted to email you about something but can't find your email couldn't just email me from my blogger profile could you, then I can reply?! Thanks Lou x


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