Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday trees

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The Cousin has the great good fortune to live near the Westonbirt arboretum. It is one of my favourite places in the world. I should know the history of it, but I don't. All I can tell is that a very wonderful human decided, a very long time ago, to plant many glorious trees, over many glorious acres, and now I get to walk amongst them, with three cousins and three dogs, with my happy mouth open in awed delight.

This is some of what it looked like:

20 Nov 1 20-11-2011 12-48-49

20 Nov 2 20-11-2011 12-48-55

20 Nov 3 20-11-2011 12-51-49

20 Nov 4 20-11-2011 12-51-53

20 Nov 5 20-11-2011 12-53-05

20 Nov 6 20-11-2011 12-53-44

20 Nov 7 20-11-2011 12-54-40

20 Nov 7 20-11-2011 12-55-13

20 Nov 8 20-11-2011 12-57-26

20 Nov 8 20-11-2011 13-16-07

20 Nov 10 20-11-2011 13-14-42

20 Nov 13 20-11-2011 13-19-01

And that was on a dull day. Imagine what it must look like when the sun comes out.

Middle cousin, with her dog on left, and my dog on right. She was not posing; she just suddenly saw something and whipped round and I happened to click the shutter:

20 Nov 12 20-11-2011 13-16-48

(I gave her that red bag for her birthday. I had no idea it would be such a success.)

All cousins and all dogs, rather tired at the end of a long morning's walk:

20 Nov 20 20-11-2011 13-18-09

All three girls, my old lady on the right, doing her high dignity face:

20 Nov 16 19-11-2011 17-16-50.ORF

And oh, oh, oh, this face:

20 Nov 17 19-11-2011 17-16-56.ORF

I know she is descended from wolves, and I should not insult her dignity by fawning on her, but sometimes when I see that much beauty I feel slightly other.

Still feels a little odd, finishing without a hill. It is like that moment when you come down stairs and you expect there to be an extra step and there is not one, and your foot goes flat on the floor and you feel rather rattled and foolish, even thought there is no one to see. Shall I ever be able to live in flatlands ever again?


  1. What a beautiful place. When we lived in Toronto, I was fortunate enough to live very close to Mount Pleasant Cemetary, which is also an arboretum. Unfortunately, said cemetary's governing body isn't so liberal as to allow dogs (stupid rule). When Mum died, we had part of her ashes (another story for another day) spread there. So my walks were admire the grandeur of the trees, and to say hallo to Mum. I miss that part of the city. Thanks for the walk today...badly needed as I've been holed up at home for the past two days with what I think is a broken toe...rats!

  2. Thank you for beautiful photos. Love the one with the three dogs!

  3. it's on my list of places to visit, it sounds fab!

  4. Still giggling about the tongue on the dog in the middle - hee hee!

    Love the moody pics of your walk - much better, more details, than if there were bright patches of sun to squint through.


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