Saturday, 26 November 2011

No excuse at all

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

So sorry; there really are no words today. There was an awful lot of cooking, and errands, and a visit to the oculist. The hours just flew away, and all I can offer you is some flowers, and three dog pictures. I really would understand if you wanted your money back.

26 Nov 4 26-11-2011 16-33-38

26 Nov 5 26-11-2011 16-34-07

26 Nov 6 26-11-2011 16-34-33

26 Nov 7 26-11-2011 16-35-22

26 Nov 8 26-11-2011 16-35-31

The Pigeon, in two gracious poses:

26 Nov 1 26-11-2011 16-36-32

26 Nov 3 26-11-2011 16-40-24.ORF

This next one kills me. I took all three dogs out and made them pose. A very high wind blew up out of the west, which is why they are making those faces. I am slightly hoping that the sight of the Pigeon's ears might half make up for pathetic lack of blog:

26 Nov 2 26-11-2011 16-36-03

Shall do better tomorrow.


  1. Anyone who wanted their money back after flowers - and ears - like those would seriously need their heads examined.

    Even if we were actually paying a sub for it, it would still be the best value on the Interweb. The fact that it is free makes it even more priceless.

  2. Here, here!!! The colours of the flowers are just amazing.

  3. flowers - check.
    dogs - check
    I'm good...

  4. Agreeing with everybody. I scrolled to the flowers and thought, "Why on earth would anybody think this wasn't worth my time?" and then I hit the Pigeon and I thought, "And better still," and then the marvelous three-dog photo; another delighted reader, as always, here!

  5. Pigeon looks like she's getting ready to take off (into the wild blue yonder). Could that be a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang influence?

    Bearing in mind that "a picture is worth 1,000 words", you have far exceeded your "usual" output here today. PLEASE please please NEVER apologize for your writing. Ever.

  6. Love the contrast of the deep blue of the anemones against the flaming orange of the tulips.

    That, plus the two MOST GRACIOUS poses, are by themselves worth the entry ticket.
    So cook away sans soucis.
    Cristina :)


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